[SA Game Jam 2016] Super Slide

SA Game Jam 2016
Super Slide
Level of experience: Professional
Category: Overall
48hr entry


A game about a super water slide.
Except there's no water, because it slowed down the game.

Play it here.
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  • End of night 1 - I have a Line Rider-esque protoype and some very crude slide drawing.image
    Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.13.34 PM.png
    821 x 540 - 34K
  • I love water slides!

    Any idea on the objective? Riding to achieve the fastest speed, minimal health loss (etc.)? Or maybe a slide-building game that meets safety requirements?
  • Any idea on the objective? Riding to achieve the fastest speed, minimal health loss (etc.)? Or maybe a slide-building game that meets safety requirements?
    Plan at the moment is to have an "infinite mode", where you can build whatever you want without restriction, and a puzzle mode where you have a goal of getting all the riders to the bottom with a limited amount of track you can build and without roughing them up too much.

  • I've got some better slide drawing, and I've added drawing and erasing modes. I tried to implement some ragdolls, but unfortunately the arms and legs were snagging on the slide and slowing the bodies and I couldn't have that.

    The game still looks like ass, so I think it's time I start sprucing up the graphics.

    720 x 510 - 17K
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  • A little easier on the eyes now.

    464 x 325 - 454K
  • Love the animation of the arms on the supertubers. This looks promising.
  • Looking fun. +5 for diversity :D
  • This looks super rad, and those brightly coloured visuals are really conveying the joy of water sliding,
  • Looking so much better! And I second what FanieG says about the arms, really cool!
  • The visuals are awesome! MOAR updates please!

    Can't wait to try out the final product :D
  • It's finished! Unfortunately I didn't have time (or willpower) to add in a challenge mode, but you can build slides to your heart's content with the infinite build mode.

    You can play it here.

    800 x 600 - 43K
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  • LOVE it! Made me laugh :D
  • image
    I feel like your game allows me to express myself.
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  • Ross said:
    I feel like your game allows me to express myself.
    Haha! Amazing.

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    This was my attempt at an extreme slide experience:


    If you were to take this further, would you be making it more of a Happy Wheels type game (so gorey) or more of a Sim Theme Park type game (so with the goal of building rad slides to gain money to build bigger slides) ?

    I'd like there to be other things I could place, like a control gate to let people through at a particular pace (so I could time loops), and a camera to take photos at moments (if this is meant to extract money from people). And I'd like the people to show more expression about how much they are enjoying themselves (assuming again this becomes a Sim Theme Park type experience)
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    Wow, that is by far the most elaborate setup I've ever seen.

    I was definitely going for the gory Happy Wheels vibe with ragdolls flailing around and blood splattering on the sides of the slide on particularly hard hits. I did experiment with ragdolls, but unfortunately there were some physics issues where they were causing the rider to slow down and it just didn't work out.

    I had to cut a lot of features that I wanted to implement due to time constraints. For example, I planned to have premade pieces that you could place on the slide (like loops and the like). I also planned to have a game mode where the goal was to get the riders to a specific point without causing them too much harm. You might have noticed they turn red when they take damage, so the idea was halfway there :P.

    I don't think I'll be continuing this, but if I were to, I'd be more inclined now to the Theme Park idea. I did, at times, describe this game to other jammers as "Rollercoaster Tycoon if it were shit". Your suggestions are great.

    Thanks to the judges for the award of Technical Excellence, I'm super stoked, and thanks to you and the rest of Free Lives for being the gracious hosts of this super fun game jam. I had a blast.
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