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I had 20 mins~ before I needed to study, so here:

revision 2:

revision 1:

And sauce:
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  • Excellent attempt. Blade needs to slant more over the back. Make the handle stick out more past his hand. His arms look a little too rigid and disproportionate in places. His torso in the reference is quite small so lengthen the legs and trim the waist. Good job!
  • Coool :D

    I'd say the slant on the weapon is optional - in pixel art I think the positioning can be a considered a luxury. However the way he holds the sword, his hand is closer to the hilt than the bottom of the handle - it makes more sense anyway cos you don't hold a handle at the end.

    Then the rest of the comments yeah - proportionately the legs should be longer, but you could go for that kind of proportion if you're stylistically choosing to. Same with the arms being thicker than the original, your choice, but make it a conscious one :)

    The eyes can be a shade darker cos it's disappearing against the pale skin.

    If you can carry the shading from the shirt and pants to the arms that'd be great :)

    I'd say why not exaggerate his major hair spike :) More height :P

    Good job! :)
  • Looks good man. :)

    I agree with the comment about the sword slant, but mainly because I want the sword to look longer.

    my 2c
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    Updated the OP with this image:

    Im trying to figure out how I can make the arm proportions and shading better, so any tips on how to do that would also help. (Also, Im working on this in my short study breaks so that I do not go insane).

    I may move onto my second favourite character when Im happy with this too (I have quite a few study breaks and these are quite easy to make)
    240 x 240 - 3K
    48 x 48 - 999B
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  • Oh ho ho yesssss! Well worth the extra pixels that have gone into the sword
  • Nice! Sleek long and intimidating sword. I like it :D
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    If you wanna go with the original proportions, make his body even shorter, and longer legs. His body originally was practically a square! (proportionally speaking, not a pixel)

    Thinner arms I guess, try 2 pixels?

    Try leaning thy top antenna hairstyle to the left like the original :)

    It's generally speaking very good already. The rest are style decisions, id Say.

    That's what I love about pixel art, you get to the meat of the design of the thing rather than the million hatch shading you'd otherwise have to do :) I think it's great for learning observation and proportions :) its like sketching in colour :)
  • Well, Im not attempting to mimic the proportions exactly, I happen to prefer there being some chest on my characters, similarly you need some biceps to wield a sword like that (I dont care if he doesnt have biceps in the games/movies :P ) will make some adjustments again, but still trying to think of how to shade the arms.
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