Data-Oriented Software Design 101 - Slides and links

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My slides from the talk, with a few tweaks to better clarify some points, are in the attached PDF file.<br><br>Some theoretical articles about DOD by Noel Llopis:<br><br><br><br>A theoretical presentation with diagrams of how data is laid out in memory in DOD vs. OOD by Niklas Frykholm:<br><br><br>A very technical presentation with illustrations of how cache memory gets utilised under the various paradigms, and benchmark results for each from a scene graph running on a PS3 (by Tony Albrecht):<br><br>;
Data-Oriented Software Design 101.pdf


  • Oh hey! I know Noel, fun guy, likes DD :)<br><br>Totally didn't know he was into this stuff. I shall bother him on twitter next time I'm stuck trying to optimise an annoying issue, maybe that would give poor old Luke a break. (I get kinda annoying when I'm in "gotta make it run faster" mode - profiling is rather addictive)<br>
  • Lol I think I still have one of those hideous bright-orange shirts from his defunct "Power of 2 Games" venture. His blogs and articles probably influenced me more than anyone else's when I was still teaching myself to write games in C++ a few years ago.<br>
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    @ChristopherM - I didn't get a chance to say thanks for the talk, it was
    pretty insightful and it stirred up some great thoughts/comments. I have never really
    gotten to a point where I've had to start seriously optimising so it was really
    awesome to hear some experiences and tips from the community.

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