AfterRobot! (Taxi Board Game)

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Hello :)

My name is Tsitsi Chiumya, a third year game design student at Wits and I have been working on a board game called (AfterRobot) for roughly 2 years now.

AfterRobot is a Three to Four player strategic game about the Taxi industry. Players take on the role of taxi bosses from different areas trying to get their taxi's to desired locations. Yes the game contains fun adaptations of real situations like (Taxi conflicts and turf wars).

The game uses a cool dice mechanic to allow players to navigate their way around the board.

Games are usually 30 minuets long
However once players get the hang of it it usually goes for on for 20 to 25 minutes depending on the players.

The game was at A Maze and it did well and getting the attention of a lot of players among those (Sos Sososwski, Pippin Bar, Linus Felts and many more) and i only mention this to show the potential that the game has.

This is a dropbox link to the A Maze build of the game (Print and Play): Game Package (Tsitsi Chiumya).zip?dl=0

I would appreciate it if anyone could provide feedback and if you played it at A Maze please tell me what you think


for more information like my facebook page:
640 x 1136 - 426K


  • So I was talking about this in the airport yesterday and wondered how the game would be impacted by single-use cards that players collected. Maybe they'd pick up a card each time they completed 2 roads in a single turn, or maybe each time they moved a taxi to a new node, or maybe nodes would start with a token on them that the first player to get to that node would claim for a card...

    But if cards did weird little things like allowed players to twiddle the values on a couple of dice (maybe even at any point, to mess with someone else's roll) or allow 1 taxi to move through an otherwise blocked node, or allow 1 taxi to move twice in a turn, or allow 1 taxi to not be reset when actively blocked, then you might be able to deal with things like blockades in an interesting way as a player.

    I dunno how good an idea any of this is and I don't really want the game to get more complicated, seeing as it's pretty damn good already ;)
  • @dislekcia Thank you for the input, I will definitely consider that my concern with adding cards in that it takes away from the pureness of the game. In the beginning the game had cards and they were removed for that reason, I do agree that something about the game needs to change, I think i will make a card version and play test it and see if it works.

    Thanks again Danny
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  • No worries, I'm busy fixing issues with the cricket thing by adding tokens/cards to help explain state transitions, so my mind's probably outputting cards everywhere ;)

    What was the rule change you were talking about to deal with fully-blocked situations though? I never got the chance to ask you about that after you said you'd come up with a solution.
  • Basically it is if a player is blocked off they can in one turn destroy someone's route so that they can remove a Taxi that is at either points of that new road, but I want to make it that you can only use like 4 dice because it presents a unfair advantage to the defending player.

    It still needs a bit of balancing, I play tested it last night and it seems to be working.
  • Just going to chip in that AfterRobot has one of the best dice mechanics I've ever experienced. The dice rolling is great fun.
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    Thanks @Squidcor man I really appreciate that :) . Do you think it translates well to the board though?
  • The game got a little press coverage on a small local site :) Yay!
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  • So...what ever happened to this game?
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