Fishgibble™ ( Unreal Engine 4 )


  • Hi Alwyn, met your friend at Open Design.

    Glad you've discovered the community and hope to see progress builds from your next project. We're most effective when we can offer feedback on incomplete work -- though I think this one may be mentioned in the next round of MGSA game updates.
  • Hi Nandrew, that's awesome thanx!

    I will definitely post some updates this weekend on the new game.
  • FishGibble got Greenlit on Steam.. Is that a good thing? Now I have to revamp, polish and expand...
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    It's been a crazy ride. I completed the 2 year, 3D Character program at , and am currently rewriting the game, started a company, going to Exhibit @ComicConAfrica in September, stuff is happening.
    Here are some updates.

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    Finally fixed the damn custom spawner and lighting issues, that's been bothering me for ages. AI is deadly now, even though they also suffer from aim deviation. Side note... Strafing AI in 3D space ("swimming") is incredibly hard to hit, even at max shooting skill level with grenades, yes, these fish have grenades. Gonna have to add some forgiveness to the player somehow, probably gonna be using buffs etc. How does one add images to this thing dag nammit. Video to come soon.

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