[Event] Mini Ludum Dare 37 "Not-game"

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Yep, that’s right. For this Mini Ludum Dare, the goal is to not make a game (or more specific: to make a not-game). After 60 Ludum Dares (including Minis) and two October Challenges, making “yet another game” really becomes very tiresome. So for a few days, let’s ditch entertainment software! Their rigid mechanics usually just stand in the way of something new, something truly innovative anyway. Let’s explore the vast world of serious games, simulators, art games and not-games!
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  • LOL

    On the alternate theme - real time:
    The game is a stealth game at night and a shooter at day
    Savegames get deleted after some days, because the protagonist dies of hunger when the user doesn’t play the game
    I think this guy's played Metal Gear :)

    Back on topic: How would you even start to do not-game?

    Make a spreadsheet program?
    An app that tracks your bus money?
    Grocery shopping reminders?

    So what they're saying is, make an app that's a means to an end rather than an end in itself, I guess.
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    Haha, this could be awesome.

    @Tusim You could make a spreadsheet simulator where you're a 3D character stuck in a spreadsheet and you can't get out you just have to fill in the spreadsheet. Or going the GTA4 route you could just play a character who happens to be using a spreadsheet in the simulation. Or even better... you are the spreadsheet! Hmmm... I'm struggling to not make a game that's not a not-game out of this :?

    Maybe you could make a game where you have to run around and remove all the mechanics that make the game a game or a game fun? Basically a game about de-gamification?
  • A traffic simulator, where you have to toggle the traffic lights and try and get their timings to minimise traffic.

    Or maybe it's just a stuck-in-traffic simulator.

    I hate you, William Nicol.
  • Remember that monopoly meets sim city idea I had a while back?
  • Remember that monopoly meets sim city idea I had a while back?
    maximum unfunness :)

    No, simcity is ok, monopoly is maximum unfunness :P
  • I love monopoly, but find it very limiting from a world domination perspective :3
  • Just remove the win or fail condition. It's not a game.

    Or don't allow any real freedom. You have to do what teleprompter tells you or you die.

    Best example ever: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/495903
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    P.S the only reson im giving this a 1 is beacuase the voices where pretty good. but that's it!

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    I think I've already made not-a-game: http://www.blackshipsfillthesky.com/ProBusiness/WebPlayer.html

    (or at least a game that is maximumly unfun... spoiler: you get beaten by a pigeon at business)
  • At least it's not a pigeon dating game... ... ...
  • I have this random sausage simulator that's kinda never really been a game. I wonder if that counts?

    P.S. Fuck that pigeon, man. I didn't know any business buzzwords :<
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