Looking for help with a few things - FPB, Steam Capsule Art

Hey guys,

I am looking for someone who could consult us on getting an FPB rating so that we can release our game in South-Africa, it is already available almost everywhere else in the world. The game is called Devoid Prototype is currently being sold on Steam only however we do plan to release on other platforms in the future.

Then, we are also looking for someone who could offer us a fair price to design a Steam Capsule for the game for starters and perhaps do more work for us on a contract basis in future, anything from various pieces of art for Steam (updates, hero banner etc.) to marketing materials for specific vendors and a press kit.

Please feel free to ask any questions or DM/PM me or contact us via our website.

Here's some useful links for reference:
Me on reddit: https://reddit.com/user/SirKrato
Veritric YT channel: https://youtube.com/@veritric
Veritric Site: https://veritric.com/


  • I don't think many SA devs bother with an FPB rating, so maybe you don't need it either?

    For your store key art, it might be a good idea to share more info on the game and what you're looking for from the artist? Like a specific style? If you have a budget that would also be helpful
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    Hey francoisvn,

    Thanks for the response, well with the FPB rating I'd just like to be sure and yes, willing to pay someone for their time.

    The game is called Devoid Prototype, sadly you can't see the Steam page in South-Africa without a VPN, here is a link to a gameplay tailer: https://youtu.be/60nzfuLImng?si=wOcHoncY0WTRQxGb

    I am looking for someone who could design a dynamic capsule. The game GUI style is minimalist and bold.

    Similar to this first impressions video:

    Its in Portuguese (the video) and is about our game, Devoid Prototype.

    I am willing to pay the artist of course but won't be posting my budget on here, honestly, I am trying to save myself some time as I am very busy working on updates for the game but can design this myself (and may very well end up doing that).
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    I know this isn't the point of your post but contrary to the comment on YouTube I like the design of the speed and alignment GUI elements.
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