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EDIT: Space Platformer, Jump between planets, shoot critters, randomly generated levels

Hi all,

Last year sometime I posted about Orbit, a game me and 3 of my friends were making as a university project.
We entered the Microsoft ImagineCup and made it to the National Finals which was hosted last week and our game came 1st!

You can download our latest beta build (Still buggy and needing loads of fixing) on our website:


We created 90% of the content ourselves such as graphics and soundtrack.

Right now we are in the process of converting the game from a university project to a professional and polished game.
So any ideas, questions and criticism is welcome!

539 x 312 - 232K
1920 x 1080 - 2M
Orbit_v1.4 2014-05-11 17-26-18-212.png
768 x 432 - 524K
Orbit_v1.4 2014-05-11 17-17-30-951.png
768 x 432 - 476K
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  • Congratulations!

    The game concept is good. I really like the music. It set the mood of the game very well. The art style is also one to be admired.

    I was playing it on a laptop with no mouse and I couldn't move and shoot at the same time. Which made it very difficult to defend myself against the creatures and quite annoying. I went through the tutorial and in no place do you mention that tab is to switch between weapons/tools. You should add that in.

    Is the game to move in between planet clusters to the end of the level? I assumed so, with the challenge being to avoid and/or kill the creatures and to strategically bounce off the right planets? I wasn't able to finish the first level. I kept getting stuck on the planet with ants which seemed to have a stronger gravitational field than the first planet you start off making it impossible to get off (or I just suck :P)

    The moonwalking is a plus though. :)

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    Thanks SUGBOERIE!

    You worked out the goal perfectly: make it to the end of the clusters marked by a planet with a green outline on the radar.

    Getting stuck on planets is something we have been trying to fix. It is possible to leave all planets but we have had great difficulty teaching players how to properly use the boost mechanic... The tutorial is going to be completely remade to fix this when we work out an intuitive way to teach the mechanic, which we are struggling with right now...
  • Good day everyone! My name is Emile Hay, I drew most of the game's art assets, wrote the short story you play through in the "New Game" mode and also composed the music. Feel free to ask me anything about that or just leave a comment. We are always looking for feedback!
  • So based on feedback we released a massive update last night that completely reworked some of the game's mechanics.

    It is now much easier (and more fun) to move between planets as the boost acts more like a jetpack. Physics objects can also hurt you how if they hit you fast enough. This is coupled with more weapons, planets and plants.

    Play the new version at http://www.orbitgame.co.za/

    We would like to do a content update next so send forward any ideas for enemies/planets/weapons or anything else you'd like to see in the game!
    Orbit_v1.4 2014-05-11 16-58-15-513.png
    768 x 432 - 488K
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    We've uploaded a newer version of our game for anyone who'd like to give it a play and some feedback :)

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