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Copy from SAGD, I don't think this is the whole post but I'll edit it.
Post your images if you still have them!

* If you want to partake, post one awesome topic.
* Choose someone elses topic, Draw it.
* Anyone can join, you don't have to be good. Just have fun.


Two nights a week (can obviously spend as long as you want), instead of watching movies / series or playing diablo 3. You spend time drawing something. It doesnt have to be blizzard quality, obviously, this is just a SKETCHgroup. The primary goal is, practise, and good design.
There will be a theme, like, Sci-fi Dinosaur Cat hybrids of the future. Heres where we practise drawing things like this.
The one thing the themes won’t be, is; Draw a goblin. Draw a robot. This is boring and doesn’t help anyone. And more offen than not in the games industry (expecially in indie games) the ideas for monsters / environments / characters are never this easy.
We can alternate the weeks during the month, First week character design, second creature design, third environment / prop design, forth vehicle design. You should be able to part take in all of them. If you say that you only do characters I will fly through the screen and beat you with a ham. In art, if you know your fundamentals, you can draw anything. And you should be able to draw anything, in small teams its out of the question to hire 4 artists to do 4 different design jobs. The person who can do it all will get hired.
We could also mixe it up and do a week where we have to sculpt a concept. Also we could have a set model (obj or fbx) that everyone can download, and its already been unwrapped, and you have to PAINT the texture. Painting textures is something EVERY game artist should be able to do without a problem, NO PHOTO TEXTURES.
So lets get to it and come up with some themes?! 
EDIT: If you are new to game art, you might be asking what do I use to participate in a sketchgroup.
1) Pencil and paper (you can’t go wrong), No excuses.
2) If you wana draw in photoshop, go buy yourself a R300 genius tablet, you can get them anywhere. No excuses.
EDIT: You can add an optional extra to your idea, to help the design, IE: (This character is great at setting traps), you don’t have to follow it to the T but it might be nice for someone that is looking for a bit of an extra challenge.
EDIT: My opinion: What is a character, What is a monster, what is a vehicle, what is an environment?
1) A character is usually playable or an NPC (main story characters), these guys have gear, and are usually designed to be easy for a viewer to relate to.
2) creatures are basically everything else organic in a world. Everything from badass monsters, to squirmy earthworms. This can be a bit blurred with characters but the basics are there.
3) Vehicles, self explanitory, but can also include things like the oilifants from lord of the rings.
4) environments, you usually want to create a world that looks like it could be played on, or inhabited by something. Real life landscapes kind of fall into this but for game design we want something more interesting and more condensed.Prop design and achitechture design also falls under this catagory


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    Here was mine xD: 

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    These were the ones I did so far this week. I don't remember the exact theme titles, so... let it be known that everything I drew is the EXACT personification of EXACTLY what the EXACT theme was, and nobody can prove otherwise. So there!

    If you disagree, I've got some furballs who'll kick yo' ass.



    (A wip of the fluffy murderer can be found here. Tried to show something of a loose initial sketch that should take anything from 5 seconds to 5 minutes, and can easily be discarded/tweaked if I/my lead/my art director/boss/God is not satisfied.)

  • No one has given Bevis any critique! Oh Noes!
    Okay! @bevis … Your centipede is pretty scary. It’s truly a thing of nightmares… and its ability, and in fact its intentions, of placing centipede eggs in my tea is something I cannot unsee.

    I imagine the eggs will attach to the insides of my gut, feeding off of my gut fluids until they hatch. And then they crawl out into my extremities, excreting an anesthetic which numbs me to this activity. They would stretch themselves around under my skin, their many legs worming around my joints, pinning me down, holding my throat closed as I try to cry out, and eventually snapping my bones. And then finally, feasting on me as my body dies. The thing is that I’m numbed, I taste the blood in my throat, I know I’m being killed.

    I love the perspective on your picture though. It gives a feeling of speed, or agility or something. Its ability to lift the top half of his body up also speaks of a terrifying athleticism.
    That said… Its mustache is not good enough. For a sketch based on a “Mustachioed Centipede Assassin” its moustache doesn’t convey the human qualities implicit in the theme.
    I like the use of black for the ends of limbs. It’s a nice touch hiding some of detail in shadow and conveys a sense of unknowable danger. It also sort of obscures his scale, which isn’t really obvious from the image. The hidden-ness is a very potent element of its assassin character, but I feel like it could have been taken further. What about if its far end was more indistinct, or shrouded in a death mist it controls? It feels like you’re going the pure evil route (which I feel is very appropriate for a centipede), I’d like you to take it further though. (I like the way the base of this creature is left undetailed: … Also, Raymond Swanland has lots of good centipede reference)
    I suppose my main complaint is that it is very bug-like and its function as an assassin is not obvious, until you find those eggs in your tea, and then it’s too late, and that’s exactly what it wants.
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    BlackShips post was reposted because of how amazing the story is :P
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    Here's my go at fluffy murderer.

  • @Elyaradine I love that the evil cat has a human baby on its lap. Also, the complete difference in style to the sketch above it is proof of your hax ;) For some reason the lightness/thinness of the last part of the tail's curve really bothers me. I can see the different pen-stroke and it's a thinner segment than the others. Stands out compared to the rest of the image. If you darkened that it'd feel better... Although now I'm just looking for something to validate me liking it...
  • @Elyaradine Cyberpunk Hamster of Ham was the your first one afaik.

  • Thanks @dislekcia! :D I'm really keen to colour that one sometime; I'll fix the line quality when I do. :)

    I remember your saying you'd sketch. YOU'D BETTER POST IT.

    @Pomb: Great stylisation! Strong hand poses! Kind of wish didn't feel so blurry though. No biggy. :)

  • (Pssst. New themes this week?)
  • Should probably start a new thread for each week - we can set up a sticky thread for this (and other) weekly/monthly challenges so that we've got a handy archive of everything people have done so far.

    Also, it would be awesome if there was an easy image-hosting plugin or something to make posting art/screenshots easier in general. Edge, any ideas?
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    On the image upload plugin (should be live soon).

    Edit: live, and test.
    1224 x 1632 - 353K
  • Awesome! Thanks @edg3!
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    Mine. :) 
  • @Brakus I think you are trying to share from your private dropbox folder.
  • It also seems like you linked the image tag to a folder, not an image. :)
  • :) Fixed I think. 
  • Yeah, also, that is an epic bunny :D
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