Remar Games Source Files

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I certainly hope that at least some people on these frumz are familiar with the work of Daniel Remar, the brilliant fellow who built such superb games as Iji (a favourite of mine that you must, must, must play), Hero Core, and Hyper Princess Pitch. He makes marvellous games and then releases them for free, even though he could have easily charged many cashmonies for them.

Well, that's not all he's released for free. If you pop on over to his resources page, you'll find links to download all the asset and Game Maker source files for his titles. It's always a pleasure to get a look at how your favourite games are made from the source up, and this is no exception.

Enjoy, if you will.


  • Whoa, I know what I'm doing next weekend.
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    Wow these look trippy (Like "The good Mecha Santa" lol) :) Will give them a go! Source files will be a wealth of information... If I can figure them out :P
  • Even if you don't touch the source, the games themselves are really, really good, especially Iji. I still think it's a crying shame he never sold them.
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