D: Override

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The idea is that you are a space fighter who has been shot by enemy fire and your thrusters and controls are damaged (hence only having 2 keys) and this is your final stand.

d & k rotate your ship
pressing both fire lasers (there are test dummies)
holding in both charges your lasers to do more damage
and as a final Hail Mary you can nuke to do enormous amounts of damage.



Dam, I'm totally going to miss the deadline. Iv been working on something since I heard about this at the last game dev meet up. I really was hoping to have the whole thing done but a week just wasn't enough.


  • heh this is cool, mechanics are super intuitive I like how it controls, just need some enemies!
  • Ah thanks @Pomb. The controls are what I spent most of what little time I had. With such a limitation on inputs I really wanted it to be as elegant as possible.
    The original idea had different modes that players could toggle by hitting both keys but it turned out not to be fun so I turfed all the "good" ideas till I got something fun.

    The enemies are preparing for battle...
  • I like how the camera moves with the ship and all the particle effects are pretty cool!

    But it's lacking a bit of meat - when I first spawned I didnt know how to turn so I travelled far out into space - far away from anything so there wasnt much to do...
  • @Nitrogen thats the open sandbox space sim element I was going for ;)
    Jokes, this totally isnt a game at the moment but hopefully if you played it you can see the potential (Huge Space Battles!!).

    If anyone gets motion sickness while playing this please let me know so I can laugh at you :)
  • The juice is certainly awesome, a shame there there's no game... :P

    Sooooo many effects :)
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