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Hi All,

So this is my verryyyyy late entry and first game done in Unity.

left = left arrow
right = right arrow
shoot (short bursts) = alternate left & right arrows
shoot (long bursts) = hold left & right arrows
cool down gun = don't shoot (gun explodes at 50)
Game over screen = left arrow to restart


post competition deadline version : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dvozvd54sbnbyrs/27izEfwXSx


  • Readme file
    Minigun Invaders Readme.txt
  • A good effort. I enjoyed the effects and the rain of explosion particles particularly. ^_^

    My main issue with this is that cannon movement and the standard attack felt completely superfluous. I just sat in one spot for the entire game session and let loose with my long-burst pewcannon as the aliens flew straight into my solid wall of undodgeable projectiles. Really, all I was doing was timing my bullet streams to ensure that I didn't overheat, and otherwise laying total waste to those poor red cylinders. Then they regenned and got faster, which made my job even easier. I made it to a score of +-64000 points with no real effort whatsoever. O_o

    Regarding movement, you can either introduce falling obstacles to dodge, or just scrap moving the gun altogether. You really need to nerf the continuous long-bursts somehow. Decrease the heat limit, decrease the fire rate to prevent the beam-of-death, limit the number of projectiles that can be fired in a burst, something like that. Play around and see what works, I guess! :P
  • @Gazza_N - Thanks for giving it a go. All your points are valid and was planned. Problem was that i only started with the game about 7 hours before the comp deadline, but really wanted to submit something. Try the updated (post competition deadline) version at:


    I have now added a mothership that is also armed with a minigun. Any units it destroys will subtract points from your score and will kill you if you get hit. This should give you some incentive to move around. Gun fail temperature has also been lowered to 20.
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