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I am a composer and music producer and really want to write music and sound fx for pc/console/app games. I have experience and am a self-employed ct musician, and have written for xbox in the past.

anyone got a project for me to get involved in or a creative team to join?
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  • Got a portfolio somewhere?
  • Welcome to the forums! Like @Elyaradine asked, post up a portfolio or link us to your SoundCloud if you have one.

    Today is the last day for a community competition but normally there are 1 or 2 people looking for music and sounds to put into their prototypes if a sound engineer is available.
  • Welcome indeed!

    Would be cool to hear some of your stuff, do you have Soundcloud or a similar account?
  • Yeah! SA games need more great music! Welcome! (Would love to hear some of your samples and ideas).

    There's a bunch of cool prototypes that just got made for the recent competition... If you want to build a portfolio then sprucing up some of their sound might be an option.

    (Though that's assuming you want to build a game composition portfolio and don't already have one... I don't know what your level of experience is obviously)
  • Hi all!

    Sorry to reply so darn late!
    @gibbo @fengol @elyaradine I have a bit of a portfolio :) check out www.soundcloud.com/maikegevers :)

    @blackshipsfillthesky: I'd love to spruce up my portfolio so any game intros that I could use to create OS's to would be great :)

    I'm busy taking part in sound challenge #2 as well :)
    Thanks guys!
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