D: Colour-Me-Thru

This game was designed and made by us over the last week. It's our first game. :D

The object of the game is to get the crayon to reach the top right hand corner in as few moves as possible. Once the crayon has moved onto a specific colour, it'll follow that colour if there are any of the same colour next to it.
There are only 2 levels currently. Randomisation and more levels to come.

Press right arrow to change direction and space to move.

Enjoy! (any comments welcome)

--> v1.2 is up, enjoy! :) will try to shape the game according to the comments, not sure how much more time we will have to spend on it :( will add a dropbox link tomorrow
--> There are 5 levels at the moment with more to come :D
--> Better highlighter for selecting block to move to.
--> fixed bugs
--> improved graphics
--> added a star at the end of levels

--> v1.2b is up, enjoy! :)
--> Music by Rexyrex (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/538108)
--> Added a retry button when winning or loosing a level.
--> cleaned up graphics a bit

Download here



  • OMG! What a clever puzzle game!

    Maybe put a marker or a star in the top-right block to remind people where they're heading. I also found the shading of which block I was going to move to next sometimes a little difficult to see. Maybe put a border around the block that the player will move to.

    I really love this game because you have to follow the colours to see where you're going to end up, and it's easy to get yourself confused and end up far from where you expected to be.
  • This really rad. I love colour games and I think this is awesome.
    Pretty damn cool for your first game congratulations!
    Some critique : The colours are very boom in your face, all of them are competing for the same amount of attention. Primary colours tend to do that. In this case it's kinda of cool because it makes navigating the shortest route before hand harder, but it's also unpleasant and there better ways to make the navigation more difficult while still very pleasing to look at. If want to keep it primary one way of lessening the hurt is to take the the colours down in value, but I'd be inclined to say a better solution that also seems like it makes for a natural progression is the use of colour pallets! for different levels. If you don't know how to put pleasing ones together, try here:

    I love the use of colour as a major design factor, I think this game is awesome because it does it well:

    and I think you can use colour in a similar way. Beginning levels can use a full range of contrast and hues, lessening them as levels progress, that way it's made harder because colours that have similar value and hue are harder to tell apart.
    I also found the shading of which block I was going to move to next sometimes a little difficult to see
    This for me too, just make something more obvious. I also agree with placing a marker of sorts at the goal position.

    Maybe you can display a perfect moves for the level to score against? this would give re-playability on the levels if you add a retry button.

    There's more I want to say here but I'm the deadline is looming and I got a game to debug! Keep on keepin' on I look forward to seeing more!

  • Very rad! :D The mechanics are very cool, simple and unique :) As it is now - yeah, letting people know what the "best" score would be through a level would be super incentive to replay. Though I don't know how you'd work that out... Manually? One day, an algorithm to generate levels or to run through the level to find the optimal solution (don't show it - just show the score) would be amazing :)

    I wonder how the game could be expanded on! Different "brushes" that does different things... Like change the colour as you move through them, or... I dunno!

    You got a cool mechanic that I'm sure can go far!
  • Thanks so much for the comments and helpful hints.

    We've changed the shading of the block to move to so that's it's easier to see the colour. We've also added a star at the end and max amount of moves allowed for a level. :) We're currently adding a replay button.

    @aodendaal: Thanks for the encouragement and for the advise. I think we've addressed all the issues you brought up.

    @Pomb: Interesting idea with the different colour pallets. I think it would make the higher levels harder and more interesting but we probably won't have time to implement it before tomorrow.

    @Tuism: Great idea about the different brushes. It would be interesting to implement. And it would be cool to find that algorithm. :P
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    Colour-matcher maze game? Smart! :D

    Very nicely done indeed! I can only echo the suggestions of the previous commenters, unfortunately. How dull and useless of me. :P

    edit: I should point out that I had no issues with which blocks were selected either in the build I played. My comment mainly referred to the extra polish and feature-related suggestions. ;)
  • Much easier to see which is the next block I'm selecting.

    How it work out which way I'm going to go when I move into the middle of a row?
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    @Gazza_N: Thanks for the encouragement. :D

    @aodendaal: Great. :) It goes up or to the right when there is a decision to make.
  • I really like this game! It charmed me right from the splash screen and that playful music. Well done! :)

    I did repeatedly mistake the flashing block to be indicating my current block, rather than the next block to go to. Maybe there needs to be some way to emphasize both the block you're on and the block you'll move to next, but still distinguish them?

    Other than that, really nice effort guys! I want more! :D
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