D: Speed Snake

So, feeling inspired by today's game design/game maker/unity workshop thing, I figured I'd actually go try make something in Game Maker for once, in the end the stuff I was doing was sufficiently simple to allow for 2 buttons, so I figured I'd just but a "D" in front of the thread title and post it here. :)

Speed snake is snake except there's no discrete grid, you move a lot faster, and you can't die. Each game lasts only 20 seconds and in that time you must collect as many points as possible by picking up apples (for lack the existence of a more suitable sprite). Your success is measured at the end by means of a score, which is just the number of segments in your snake. Collecting an apple will increase the number of segments you have by 15, however if you move over any of your existing segments, they will get destroyed (eaten?), so you need to collect apples in as much of a "snake-like" way, as you possibly can.


A - Turn left
D - Turn right





    I mean... um... *cough*. Jolly good game. It was really inspired of you to use snake length/integrity as a score metric rather than apples collected in this case - I just wish we had some indication of the score somewhere. I also think that an actual text timer would be better-suited to indicating time remaining as opposed to the healthbar, since it's a clearer indication for a first-time player as to what it represents.

    Not bad in the slightest for a first effort! Polish this! Polish it until it blinds people!
  • Woooooooooooooow I suck at this :D

    Fun though! Agree with @Gazza_N - polish it until it blinds people! :D Indication of score would be good, countdown timer instead of healthbar - and maybe possibly perhaps - leaderboard? Might be more work than you really want to dedicate to it though, implementing a leaderboard :)
  • Well done! I rather like this idea. ^_^

    I'm not much good at it -- that snake is really, really fast! o_o -- but it's fun to play. I particularly like the way that you've handled the snake running over itself; that doing so reduces one's score but doesn't end the game: it seems to me that this lowers the barrier to new players, but also provides advancing players with an additional challenge.

    Given the "snake's" shape, I like to imagine that it's a magical kuni being used to spear apples. ^_^

    I see one problem with polishing it until it blinds: that thing is tricky enough to control when you can see! :P

    (In all seriousness, however, I third the recommendation of polishing it further.)
  • Mission accomplished :D
  • Wheeeee! Quite hard, but a fun alternative to original snake :)

    IDEA - when you cut yourself, they spawn off into new snakes...!!
  • Hey man this is pretty rad! Felt it was a bit on the fast side but still enjoyable :) snake is classic.
    - start slower and ramp speed up with each apple
    - camera shake... somewhere.
  • Added a slightly updated build (same link on the original post):

    Theres only a few changes:
    - Manually implemented wrapping on the edge of the screen (it should work slightly better now, you shouldnt ever lose yourself off the edge of the screen)
    - Made the snake start out a bit slower and get faster with every pickup (is it still too fast? Does it get faster too quickly?)
    - Added a a tiny amount of extra eye-candy (the pickup is now a blue spinny thing, not an apple and theres an effect that shows up when you collect it)
    - Removed the hp-bar timer and added a text timer
    - Added a score count to the screen
    - Made the text in the menu/between game screens a bit more centred (it now doesnt look *quite* so bad)
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