[Job Offer] Call for interactive / graphics developers

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RenderHeads is currently looking into starting up a graphics/interactive software development studio in Cape Town. We will be working on exciting international projects and would be a great way for aspiring game developers to get into the industry.

We are currently looking for developers of all levels who have a background and interest in 3D, real-time graphics/games and interactive development. Experience with Unity3D, C++, C# and strong maths/logic skills are desirable.

If you are interested please send us a mail with your CV & samples of your work (working demos, video demos, github repos etc) to shane@renderheads.com
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  • For reference, RenderHeads is based in the UK. Shane was at last month's meetup :)
  • @shanemarks May I send this on to resent graduates from Wits Digital Arts?
  • @hanli yes, please do:)
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  • Would you consider internships for university students [ComSci and gamedev majors] with experience with unity, java, and quick learning skills (also able to work 3D modeling programs [mainly Blender =P])?
  • @SquigyXD we are mainly looking for fulltime junior/mid/senior staff but will consider interns too. We would expect a certain level of knowledge for consideration (i.e. would you be able to create a basic unity app from start to finish?)

    Please send through a CV and some sample of your work if you have (working demo's and some sample code - ideally in a github or similar repo)
  • @shanemarks I have sent you an email.
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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks to all those that contacted us. We've filled all the positions in our current round of hiring. Feel free to contact us if you would like to be considered for future positions.


    Shane Marks
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