[Project] Firewall

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Pleased to publish the a Preview of a title we are busy with. "Firewall" is the about you as a hacker use the app (the character) to find and steal data on the internet...

But on one specific mission, things seem odd when the data you are there to steal (or hack) ... has already been stolen...


Find 'the Core' (our Evil Boss mind hive) you will gear-up on weapons, stats, upgrades and save the internet data that is systematically been destroyed by 'the Core' and his robot like minions.

Planned for publishing on PC and Android/iOS

Hope you like the short ALPHA (download from the website)

Gameplay Trailer:
303 x 87 - 22K
1600 x 818 - 1M


  • Twin stick survival shooter a la Crimsonland! It's been a while since I've played some Crimsonland-esque stuff :) Looks good for an alpha, looking forward to more variation in weapons, effects and monsters! :)

    There's been so many prototypes around here lately, makes my heart happy, now if I had more time I could feedback on more of them XD
  • Thanks for the feedback, it's planned for more to be added.
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