[PROTOTYPE] Precog Strike

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Hey guys,

I have a prototype of another game I have been working on, called Precog Strike.

The game is a tactical top-down shooter, focused mainly on strategy.
Players will need to clear a room of enemies in the quickest and most effective way.

Precog Strike Prototype download

It's kind of a mix between 10 second war, frozen synapse and Rainbow 6, taking influence from "premonition" movies such as Minority Report and Final Destination. The concept is that the player has some kind of idea of what will happen in the stage. He might be informed that a hostage will be killed in exactly 10 seconds, or that an enemy will run out a certain door. The player needs to form a plan on the best way to clear a stage, with minimal (or zero) casualties.

There are 4 phases to how the game plays out:

1: Player sets an officers movement path (by dragging a path with the mouse)
2: Player sets officers sight direction (by dragging a direction the mouse)
3: Player repeats the process for each officer
4: Once the player is happy, the player approves the plan and the action plays out.

Big issues I am aware of:
-AI does not move, and they only look in 1 direction (busy trying to fix)
-For some reason, you have to click on movement complete once again before confirming final plan.
-Buttons hitspots are stupidly small, also working on

Stuff I'd like to include:
-Riot shield units
-Different enemy types with different weapons (each weapon would affect aiming time etc)
-Breachable Doors and Windows


Let me know what you guys think :)

Precog Strike Prototype download


  • So I gave it a play... and... I have no idea what's happening :/. I drag the mouse from the Officer and it moves towards my cursor till the timer ends or I press end. Then the sprite changes for the same Officer, moves it back to it's start point and I can only move that officer again. This repeats forever :/.

    I never saw that bottom screenshot you have either :/.

    Not sure if it's something on my side. Also, could you put it into full screen or allow Players to change the size - I know Studio has options for both those :). Also, let Escape exit the game?

    From your description, I like the idea, though :). It would be especially interesting if that premonition mechanic allowed experienced players to clear levels they've never seen before, first time. While doing that, you'd also have to make it balanced/surprising enough too :).
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    Hey Bensonance.

    Ah sorry about that, once you have made the movement and you are happy with it, you need to click "Movement Finished" after/if you hit "Finish". As I say, the buttons have a really small hit space, so make sure you're clicking on a letter.

    Only once you have clicked movement finished, it goes through to the aiming section. Then you'll do the same kind of thing again, except your dragging will allow the officer to aim.

    After that, you have the option of selecting another officer, or completing the entire process.

    Once again, my apologies for the clunky UI, will sort that out before the next build.

  • Ahhh that explains it! :)

    Having played it now, I like the execution and I think there are really interesting things you could add :).

    Ok I got down to playing it now: firstly, the UI, as you mentioned needs some work - the biggest issue currently is how the Movement Finished and Finish are on different sides of the screen. This was clearly too confusing for my testing brain and was why I never got down to the aiming :D.

    Having said that, I like how Officers move to their finishing spot when you move a new officer. It might be interesting to have a really quick timer for each movement phase - this would force players to either move quickly and recklessly ahead or slowly and cautiously. This of course only work if you allow multiple turns, which it seems like you don't do yet :).

    It would also be interesting if you were able to change your plan on the fly slightly to respond eventually to how the AI acts :).

    Keen to see more of this! :)
  • Yeah! Sorry about that, it's still very clunky!!!

    Yeah I like the idea of this sort of rough guideline of what will happen. It will make for a more thrilling experience when you finally put a plan into action :D.

    I'm not so sure if I want multiple turns. The nice thing about 10 second war is that although some stages can be really hard, you only get a short amount of time to complete it. You've got to make sure your strategy is pretty solid.

    Glad you enjoyed it, will keep updating it on the forums :)
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