New kids on the block ( not the 1990 band XD )

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Ahoy all,

I just wanted to quickly introduce SIJO Studios to everyone, we are a small indie studio made up of four individuals who have all worked in 3D animated movies, and other digital media over the past 7 years, while dabbling in the idea of making games and have finally taken the leap into the unknown WOOOO!! :D

My name is Simon Anderson, some of you may have met me last night at the CT Meetup or at one last year (I havent been around as I was working overseas). We are all eager to help out and learn and contribute and looking forward to the next game jam to get to meet everyone and chat a bit more.

Feel free to drop us a message and say Ahoy on twitter or facebook (its very sparse and bare as we are still finding our mojo):
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  • Aaaaaah :'( , you had me excited there for a minute...was hoping to hear some tunes again :P

    A hearty welcome! It's good to hear more people joining the fray. Would it be possible to post some of the stuff you guys did in the past...we like to look at pretty things :D
  • Welcome Simon, good to see you again!

  • Here you go Rigormortis,

    From Newest Stuff we have worked on to oldest stuff (films/shorts)

    Software Side of things haven't got much to show, as everything was pipeline design and development for in house tools at different studios around the world, so all under NDA's

    Enjoy :)

    Thanks Kevin, was good catching up last night.
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  • Awesome stuff! I'm totally looking forward to the Lego Movie :) Welcome and so very curious about more of you guy's game stuff coming up!
  • Please tell me you're all jamming nothing but week-long game projects until you both find your flow as a studio AND get your heads around this whole game design thing? That would also get you a bunch of stuff you could show off all over the place as well - build some facebook mojo, etc.
  • Thanks Tuism

    Ahoy dislekcia, sadly not at the moment. we are currently doing alot of different things, im focussing on the business/coding side of things, Jared is focussing on coding and Jo and Sarah are focussing on style and concepts. We have basically been coming up with hundreds of small to large ideas, while still getting into Unity before we can actually start making some Jam XD we will be doing the jamming by mid July and then full steam ahead.

    Always welcome thoughts/experiences that anyone is willing to part, while we start on the journey ahead :)
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