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I found this really good youtube channel and I can't see any mention here about it.


They spend a fair bit of time analyzing games and talking about game elements. I found it very enlightening so far and I've only finished the first Season.
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  • I've been following them for quite some time now and I really like it.
    I always assumed everyone already knows of them, so I'm sorry for not mentioning it before. I've been watching them on penny arcade (and escapist when they were still there) but I don't know if following them on youtube is as/more convenient.

    I wanted to make a list of episodes I would recommend... but that's probably almost all of them, so I figured I'd skip that.

    It might be cool to discuss some episodes (where relevant) as they come out though.
  • There videos are often good, and I've posted topics based on their vids before. I think that would be a better way to go about it. If you watch one that you want to talk about, make a new topic and link the specific vid ;)
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    I find the ExtraCreditz videos where he talks about narrative and social issues illuminating.

    But I find his game design advice is more like game appreciation advice. Good on the analysis but poor on the actionable suggestions (what I mean is while his analysis is good I find his conclusions naive).

    Though I'm not sure if it's meant to be a game appreciation channel (does anyone know?). So maybe my complaint is misplaced because I feel like he does game appreciation/analysis well.

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  • I think it falls under Game Studies - which is the convoluted term for what you are calling appreciation and analysis. We avoid the term 'appreciation' because that makes it sound like a fan club, where it is actually more about learning how to "read" games (ludoliteracy - if you can believe that such a terrible word actually exists), and how to engage critically with them. I don't think it is supposed to act as a game design channel at all. I find them useful clips to introduce game study themes that can then be further developed in lectures.
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