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So one of my friends asked me on GTalk for some help in Game Maker, and I was unable to answer them.

So I thought why not create some kind of central repository place.

Helpful tips

1: There are a couple versions of Game Maker out there. Telling us which one you are using would be a great in helping you solve your problem.

2: Have you tried Google? Most of the time it is rather helpful, also a link to some things that you have tried and do not work for you might help the people trying to help you.

Things that would be really cool

Did you get the answer you were looking for? Cool! If you want to slip that into the first post about that question that would be rather cool of you, and helpful to those who might have the same problem in the future.


I'll try and keep the OP updated with the etiquette stuff as the thread goes on.

Also links to answered posts will be in the second post ;)

Happy game making!


  • Links to answered questions below:

    None: this thread is brand new
  • Version: Game Maker Studio Free 1.1.964

    I am trying to create a greyscale effect that will render everything around a central point in greyscale. It needs to be done realtime, but if I can at least get the background image to greyscale properly, I will be able to get the effect I desire by cheating on sprites.
  • @Gingetsuryuu The easiest way to do what you're asking is to use surfaces and blend modes, but unfortunately neither are available in the free version :/.

    I can't really think of a way to do it without either of those really :/.
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