Cave Cards - platformer roguelike deckbuilder

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Happy to share Cave Cards, a prototype I've been working on for a while now. It's a platformer roguelike deckbuilder - think a mix of Slay the Spire, Into the Breach and Spelunky - you move around a side-view/platformer grid; using cards to move, attack and do your various actions. It's still very early in the prototyping phase (the name and all the art is all placeholder), but I think it's starting to feel pretty fun.

The playable prototype is available by joining the Discord and grabbing a key:



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    If you're interested in the process I've been following (more behind-the-scenes until now), here are some devlogs I've been writing: Also happy to answer any questions about this process :)


    For this version, any feedback or advice is appreciated, but I'm especially interested in:
    • What do you think of the meta progression? Did you enjoy unlocking things?
    • What charms do you like/dislike? Do they make the difficulty feel better?
    • Do you like the new rewind system?
    • Did you come up with any fun/interesting combos/strategies?
    • General impressions?
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