PLEASE: Looking for help with Wwise and Unity

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Hey all,

So I'm in a bit of a pickle..

My gf's birthday is this weekend coming and I've got some friends helping me with audio for the game I'm making for her through Wwise. We're using github to collaborate and push and pull updates. I'm using windows 10 and the main guy doing the audio with Wwise and unity integration is using a Mac (OS Catalina I believe)

I can hook up and use Wwise my side on my computer, but my friend can't. He can open and play the project just fine when there is no Wwise integration but as soon as it's in the project he can't open it and sometimes Unity just crashes with "There is no fix available"... What normally happens is as soon as it's in the project or integrated, when he loads the Unity project it just hangs in loading and nothing happens... Originally he set up Wwise and the integration his side, but again, as soon as he did that he could not open up the game..

We have searched and checked forums everywhere and still can't seem to find any solutions anywhere, we spent the whole of yesterday at work trying to solve it and use different methods to try and get it to work.

My thinking is that there is some issue with the cross compatibility of Mac and Windows somehow but I can't be sure, again I've checked everywhere and can't find anything helpful that works for us :(

It also might be something to do with github or maybe my .gitignore file (see attached) because I'm also new to the github thing.

Please, if anyone here has any experience with Wwise and unity and working between two different Operating Systems like we are trying to do, please please please reach out <3 like I said, I have less than a week to wrap up the audio and the everything, all we need help with is getting the game to work with Wwise on both our sides, we can do the rest <3

Thanks so much if you've gotten this far in reading, I know it's a lot but I wanted to give all the information I could in one go! And if you need any more info please reach out and I will answer ASAP :) <3



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  • Also, here's some stuff from my game for interest sake :3 <3

    If you're interested in checking out more updates, I made a separate twitter for the game to keep it secret fro my gf :3
    You can check out regulard updates here:
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