Ludum Dare 46 - Entries


  • Added more games from locals to the 1st post. If I missed yours please let me know so I can add it!
  • Congrats everyone! 10 entries wow, ugh me, I tried but couldn't squeeze an idea out for this LD :( But well done everyone who made stuff, woo! :D
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    My cousin & I also had an entry!
  • Hey @Fengol, this is great!

    Thanks for putting this together so neatly.
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  • Awesome!
    Thanks for adding these all in one place!
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    I only spent about 10 hours on my allotted 48 hours and my game was no where near what other people created
  • @Fengol It's also worth noting that LD46 had almost double the number of entries from previous jams.


    2020-05-14 13-34-49 Screenshot.png
    456 x 485 - 32K
    2020-05-14 13-34-35 Screenshot.png
    447 x 470 - 32K
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