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I wanted to make a game like Overcooked, but without the bits that I didn't like, and with some bits that I'd have wanted to see.

I was lucky to have a few days this week to jam stuff, which meant having spent about 30 hours or so. Something I didn't realise when I started was just how many interactions such a game ends up having -- the combining of foods, pots, plates, using the cutting board, stove, delivering food, receiving and completing orders... eek! Also, how much of that is needed for a complete game loop!

With all of those things interacting with each other, I'm pretty sure some bugs crept through. Please let me know if you find any, and any other feedback!

I'd saved tomorrow for adding audio, but I'm currently visiting family for the weekend and should probably call it there! :D


  • Pretty cool game! I'm a fan of overcooked so this really appeals to me.

    What are the controls by the way? I can move around but I'm not sure what do after that.
  • Oops! I completely forgot about that. :P Thank you!

    Player1 - WASD and T
    Player2 - Arrow keys and Num1

    • Garden salad - chopped tomato and chopped lettuce in a plate
    • Tomato soup - 3 chopped tomatoes heated in a pot, served on a plate
    • Potato soup - 3 chopped potatoes heated in a pot, served on a plate
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  • I like it. It does remind me of Overcooked, however I have never played it, but the inspiration is there. The movement and actions feel responsive, the animation of the bin is cool, but also I like the multiplayer element. This game is for Co-Op, but my solution was to be both chefs by using both WASD and the Arrow Keys XD. Cool game! Well Done!
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    With all submissions complete, I can deliver my comments now.
    Winners of the competition will be announced on the 5th of May.

    This is your only entry into #PROTOSHI. I would have loved to see more.
    Th elements that stood out to me the most is the level of completion, and the approach of "realness" towards cooking games.
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