Collaborate with a 2D artist/designer.

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I would like to collaborate with a 2D artist/designer. I have around 1.5 years experience working as a professional game developer for an education company. I am currently unemployed and working on my portfolio. I have approached a company that might be interested in utilizing the idea of gamification in their services.

I am basically looking for someone who is willing to work on concept art and 2D art without any remuneration (at least for now), is currently a final year design/art (digital) student and must be residing in the Durban area.


  • Hi there. I’m a game designer/artist from Durban, I graduated from Wits in 2017. I am currently working on two games at the moment, one of which is intended for PC/console launch... I’m currently in talks with a lady from Unity 3D who represents a game publisher in Holland. I’ve done the initially application for the publishing deal but I can’t apply properly without a dedicated, capable programmer. My current partner has stated that he prefers to continue working on our mobile game rather than revert back to the main project at this point. I’d like to show you the game art and the current prototype we were working on before we switched focus fully to our mobile game. My partner has relinquished all rights to the main game, as he supports me fully in seeking out programmer to build the main game with.

    If you’re interested, please message me ASAP on 0614095611 with some of your work, and if be more than happy to share the project with you to view.

    Shahin Sirkissoon
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