JHB Game Design Meetup - 18 February 2020

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A lot of people have been requesting meet-ups at the Goethe-Institut because it's a more central location for students. So next week we will be having the first one! Everyone is welcome!


*Pizza, snacks and beverages will be available.

**Please bring questions for the guest – this will be a Q&A focused session. We will also have a discussion about what the content of these meet-ups should be in the future.
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    Epic artwork Rohun!

    Sad I won't be able to make it to this in person.

    Skype in session.. Does that mean we can join in on Skype?
  • Hey @DavidKnightRedDawn unfortunately you won’t be able to join in via skype. It's a skype in session because our guest will skype in as he is based in the UK.
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  • How did it go?
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  • @Fengol sorry for my late response. It went well! We had a great turn out (around 70 people) and we had some really interesting questions and answers. Hoping to make this a regular thing at the Goethe-Institut but only after the virus concerns have passed.

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