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Hi guys.

Doing a study on Character Controllers. I have done some controllers that I actually don't use Rigidbodies or Character Controller from Unit.

So I created this trying to teach a buddy of mine Unity. Playing around and Creating a quick generated world. Instead of tiles I just went an done it on a Texture. But making an CharacterController interact per pixel.

May I ask you guys to just test the movements for me. Tell me what you think. The Good and The Bad.

WASD control. Space to Jump
Mouse to aim.

How it looks.

Attached Windows Build to Download. No Web Player sorry.

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    @dark_seth I just gave it a play. This is an awesome little prototype that reminds of Terraria/Starbound with the way you can dig into the earth with that tool. I'm a fan of the pixel art too. The character controller works well and feels natural. Is it custom? I also like all the particle effects like when you move over the ground and the way rain splashes on the surface.
    Is that cellular automata you're using to gen the level? Also for collision detection are you raycasting or doing a pixel overlap test? :) It's cool. (Edit: I found an article that does something similar)

    Only gripe...When you dig a passage big enough for the player to move through, it can be frustrating when there is a single pixel that prevents the player from moving forward until it is removed. Not sure if there is an easy way to deal with that.

    Your 'Unity - 2d Shader ,edge highlight on objects ,colliders or 2d textures' post could work nicely along with this if you had day/night cycles too...

    Do you have a game in mind yet or are you just testing character movement in general?

    Cheers, K
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    Thank you for the comments. It is a normal Character Controller from Unity. Slighty modified.
    For level generation I use a good old Perlin Noise scaled to my needs. I did try to use cellular automata but it didn't look like I wanted. After that I grow grass on certain heights and create a chasm at he bottom that I still neet to fill with lava or acid.

    YEAH. That One pixel blocking the player is currently an pain. Must fix that. Thank for confirming that.

    Regarding day night cycle. Been playing with Unity 2019.3 universal render pipeline and man oh man do I like the 2D light system. Had to change some shaders to work with the new render system. But it looks good. Will post some updates on that.

    Regarding my plan with this. I really don't know. This can maybe become an 2d No man Sky type thing where the player jumps from planer to planet. But what would the objective be then.

    I was thinking maybe more in line of an survival resource management type set after humans almost go extinct. Post nuclear maybe. Creating rooms like fallout shelter but taking it one step further. There must be pipes connected to water and air filters. Domes above ground to grow crops. Maybe some under ground structures to discover with resources. Heat pipes flowing close to lava to survive winter etc.

    Any ideas would be welcome!

    Again thanks for the feedback.

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    Here is the system currently. It currently does day night cycle ( Done at fast speed. )

    in the script it also accounts for days ( can be set ) in each season and currently has 2 seasons winter and summer. ( These are just counters for now )


  • @dark_seth Now that is a thing of beauty! Damn, I love it! I do miss those alien monoliths in the parallax background from the previous video, but I'm sure they'll make a reappearance again. Do you also make your own pixel gfx?

    Different planets? I am interested to see how the player would eventually transition to other planets?
    Build a spaceship or maybe discover an ancient alien teleport somewhere on each planet linking it to another?
    Different planets could have interesting hazards (extreme heat/cold in day/night cycle or lightning/gas storms forcing players underground etc. There's a whole lot you can do with that.

    I like the idea of a base building game/crafting game...that would be awesome. That's a hell of a lot of work right there.

    Unity 2019.3 universal render pipeline? I didn't even know it was a thing :)

    Great job so far and I look forward to seeing further progress on this prototype!

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    Hi @dark_seth,

    Tried out your prototype. Thought it was pretty cool.

    One design question I have is what is the function of the recharge time on the jetpack after landing? I understand that you'd want to limit total time in the air, but when I was playing, I felt myself getting a little bit frustrated having to wait to use the jetpack again once I'd touched the ground.

    I suppose depending on the nature of the surrounding context, recharge time would make more/less sense. For example I'd imagine in a horror game, recharges would serve to increase the tension.

    In a vacuum though, I'm generally an advocate of increased mobility. Really love the latest Doom and Amid Evil for those reasons.
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  • @NickCuthbert
    Thanks for the feedback.Yes it is to limit the player in the air. I like the Idea if resetting it when a player lands. Maybe even cutting the time in half.

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    Created an Light controller to handle al lights. Turn off an 07:00 and turn on at 18:00. Now looking at the gif I should fade my lights to on or off. Maybe even add a flikker to some like the flashlight when turning on.

    interesting challenge was getting the light of the flashlight shorter when hitting the surface. Loving the Universal Render Pipeline function in Unity. Was waiting for 2d Lights for a long time..

    Well here it is at an insane time scale. Some days really feels this fast....
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