Unity developer needed for a small(ish) job [filled]

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Hello all,

So I am working on a project and seem to be getting into a bit of a mess as a novice game developer. I am making a serious 2D game that needs to be completed pretty soon...at least in the next two weeks.
I need someone who has a reasonable amount of experience with Unity development, preferably also for mobile applications, to assist me with the following:
1. Fixing up my timer code
2. Setting up an avatar menu
3. Setting up a database for the game
4. Helping me develop the game for android

This will be a paid job and I would require it within 3 to 5 days of commencing the job. I will not need the person to relocate anywhere; they can work from wherever they are :)
I know that this is very vague, but if you are interested please email me for details and to negotiate the remuneration.

Email me @: mybloodpumpsdiesesl@gmail.com (the typo in diesesl is intentional).

I look forward to hearing from you
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