SFA "Super Playtopia Jam 2" - 23 November 2019

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It's almost time for Playtopia MGA 2019! We're throwing one last Super friendship Arcade jam to prepare for it!

SFA Third JAM web

Description from the Facebook event:

Playtopia MGA 2019 is just around the corner! Join us for one last jam, as we put the finishing touches on new creations for "Punk Game Party" - our exhibition of alternative multiplayer games and hand made controllers!

10:00 - Arrive and high five.
10:45 - Introductions.
11:00 - Start Jamming.
19:00 - Jam ends. Show and tell starts.

Our goals:
Our main objective for this jam is to finish off existing projects, and get them read for exhibition at Playtopia! If you're feeling ambitious, your welcome to try start something new, but the plan for this jam is to polish up what we've made already!

* "Finish your damn game" jam!
Been working on a game about flying lazer monks? Remembering songs from your dreams? Balancing burger toppings? Now's the time to finish off and play test your creations!

* Controller prep!
Help test out our custom controllers, and make one of your own, based on the list of games that we'll have on show!

* decor-mega-make-9000
Join the decor team and help us build the things well need to transform our arcade into the most radical corner of Playtopia!

What to bring:
1) A packed lunch.
2) Jam supplies, as detailed below.

Game-Jammers: Whether you want to code a game, or make art and music, a laptop is a good idea! Prepare for the jam by making sure you've got the right software to do the job too!

Hardware-jammers: We'll have some SFA components for you to work with, but if you have access to any electronics that you'd like to play with, bring them along too! General electronic tools like soldering irons are also a good idea, but not essential!

Decor-jammers: We'll have some basic crafting supplies, like cardboard, fabric & markers. Feel free to bring along any additional arts and crafts materials!

Till then Superfriends!

Be excellent to each other!



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