Eating Binger on Android!

Hello there, hope everyone is doing well!
I have been going through older projects and polishing them while also adding in extra features and fixing bugs. I have managed to take one of my Ludum Dare games from last year and now I have ported it over to Android, with tilt controls. Have a go with it and tell me what you think.

Have a good day!


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    Oh dear lord! That background pattern offends my eyes! :D
  • Fengol said:
    Oh dear lord! That background pattern offends my eyes! :D
    I'll make a note of that XD sorry.

    How did you find it otherwise?
  • I didn't realise there was a Windows build.

    The background music was very loud, please add an in-game menu to manage the volume, or because the game is for Android, turn it off. Here's a link to Brackey's video on creating an in-game menu

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  • I played your game just now. I think it doesn't stand out on its own enough. I feel like it needs a better graphics style and a lot of polish. It depends what your longer term goals are.

    It would benefit from a screen saying "press play to start" and some brief instructions.

    The music was way too loud.

    I think it should start more slowly and maybe speed up as you progress like many similar games do.

    Why is junk food good in this game but healthy food is bad? haha

    Maybe the android version is different to the ludum dare version.
  • Hey, I played 2 runs of this. Played on windows so can't comment on the tilt controls stuff.

    Some thoughts I had:
    - I think it's smart that in the starting section I'm only given green foods so I get to learn and feel comfortable before seeing my first red foods.
    - The distinction between red / green and the actual foods didn't make sense to me. Why fish bad? Why sweetie good?
    - Along the way food items get placed pretty closely together. That made it practically impossible to grab only the green foods as I got larger.

    Like others have said, the visuals and sounds are jarring at times, so maybe it's worth polishing those... it depends what your longer term goals are with this?
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