Global Game Jam 2020 - New RO

Hi all!

@dammit Has passed on the GGJ RO (Global Game Jam regional organiser) torch down to me and so I'll be the South African RO for the GGJ2020 event happening the weekend of 31 January - 02 February.

I will need help from SO's (site organisers) to setup jam locations in your area across SA.
If past SO's could contact me and who are willing to setup their previous location for 2020, that would be amazing!
If you know of a venue (small group of friends at a house is not a venue unless you stay in the middle of nowhere) and want to be a SO but have no idea what it involves etc. no fear - Im here to help guide the process.

Site registration is now open and so far Vega School Cape Town has been tentatively lined (pending final go-ahead) as a location for CBD Cape Town.

Please respond to the thread expressing any interest being a SO or if you know of a venue that has been used in the past and could put me in touch with them. I'll make direct contact with you :)

More Info to follow.

Jean-Jacques (GGJ RO)


  • @DangerMcjane, that's great. I've been wondering why I was getting no response from her. Cool. I would like to register a site in Durban, but I don't want to overstep any toes if Vega Durban is planning to host. So, if there is anyway to find that out, let me know, thanks.
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  • Hello all, Im looking for a Pretoria SO to set up a jam Site for GGJ? Know of anyone at Vega or anyone that would be keen?
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