[SA Game Jam 2019][Comic Con Africa Game Jam 2019] Jelly Delly

Jelly Delly is a retro-inspired, cartoony rhythm game set in a charming but funky universe. Play as a UFO that has to dance in order to get his food. Subvert capitalism with the power of music and rock out amongst the stars!

Game by:
Joshua Jansen van Vuuren
Marco Prinsloo
Monique Butler
Deen Du Preez

Link to Game - https://darthmurky.itch.io/jellydelly

This game is not by Tim Flusk. We are his students and are using his account with his permission to submit for a game jam.


  • Sound design was great. Loved the dialogue and barks. The rhythm controller works pretty well in creating a flick-of-the-wrist control that allows the user to get immerse themselves. Really easy to cheat though haha just swing the mouse wildly. Should probably look at some sort of accuracy vs timing system like Osu to mitigate that.
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    Hello Fellow Jelly Enthusiast Game Devs.

    The visuals are amazing and the music is Funky and I love it. Who ever voices the alien needs a raise.

    K, so I personal play a lot of rhythm games (Osu, Cytus 1 & 2, MuseDash e.t.c.), it is one of my favorite genres. I like that you have to flick your wrist to move to the beat but it feels off to flick it back into the center then move it to next beat however that could just be me feeling that so take this with a grain of salt. You could have it center back after a flick maybe. Resetting the position of the ship back at the center will also incentives the player to "flick of the wrist to the rhythm" rather than "flick and stay on a path till you collide with bubble".

    The depth perception needed for the rhythm bubbles can be a bit daunting when they are all on the screen at once. What games like Cytus and Osu do is that they spawn in one at a time just a little bit ahead of the rhythm so that players can easily see which button(bubble) should be clicked(collided into) next and in which order. There are other games that don't do that like AudioSurf and that's fine but i find that i enjoy Cytus, Osu and Beat Saber more than those other games and they have that feature.

    All in All i enjoyed the games music, visuals and gameplay

  • Hello, Everyone, I am Marco Prinsloo I worked on this game along with the rest of my teammates. We were struggling to sign in to the forum so, in order to meet the deadline, Tim offered to let us use his account to post our submission for the game jam.
    So the reason I am sending this here is to show that this is my account and this is the account I will be using to review the other game entries.
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    Hey all, as Marco has said above, here is my account for this game. I am Joshua Jansen van Vuuren :) Tim kindly let us use his account to submit. I will be using my own account to review other entries :D

    Ciao all!

  • Loved that intro!

    The visuals and sound were great. The first and last section of bubbles fit the music well, although I feel like they lost sync a bit around the middle. The movement was a bit strange as it didn't force me to move on clear beats, I kinda had to glide my ship in a general direction. The fact that my camera was angling away from the side that my mouse was moving, then shifting back was the biggest suspect of the unsatisfying movement (which I only noticed during the busier parts of the song).

    - Fixing the camera perspective behind the ship could make the movement feel better.
    - It would help a lot if the next orb in the song was a different colour. Judging which orb came first was difficult sometimes.

    This game has an awesome vibe and I'd love to see more!
  • Hello this is my account for Jelly Delly. As stated before I am Monique Butler and Tim has kindly allowed us to use his account.

    Thank you very much.
  • I am in love with the look , and awesome music . Good work .
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