[SA Game Jam 2019] World of Wordcraft

SA Game Jam 2019
Title: World of Wordcraft
Level of experience: Professional
Category: Diversity
72h entry

A game by Cukia Kimani and Henrike Lode
[Disclaimer: Henrike is a judge at SA game jam and Comic Con game jam organiser]

Find OBJECTS in obscure places.
Take them apart, create SOMETHING new.
Use the power of WORDS, use it wisely.



We fixed the hitboxes, and added a new room.
Rarely we are still losing some letters or words, but we will get to the bottom of this!


  • I wasn't particularly interested when I 1st saw it, but after giving it a try, I love the idea, sounds like a really fun game, if it was a bit more polished and had enough content, I would buy it :P
    Thanked by 1riker
  • Really clever idea! Couldn't get past "key" though which is the first thing...am not sure if it's a game or user error...
    Thanked by 1riker
  • Can't seem to run the game :/ Not sure if it's a Chrome problem. Could you upload a .exe?
    Thanked by 1riker
  • @Sassages @Jelligeth @leonalchemist2
    Just uploaded a fresh build! With PC and Mac versions, prettier graphics and a new room! Watch the healthy tip above ;)
    Thanked by 1Sassages
  • Jelligeth said:
    Really clever idea! Couldn't get past "key" though which is the first thing...am not sure if it's a game or user error...
    I love the concept of this game so much.
    But I couldn't figure out the COIN and BOX puzzle, not sure if I'm missing something or use error either.
    Also some letters permanently disappear if I press ESC while they are entered into the text box.
    Thanked by 1riker
  • It's a shame the word get's deleted if they don't work, didn't get past the 2nd room either yet, too bad I couldn't bust out the walls with my train :P
    Also tried to create a nob or rat but no luck
    Thanked by 1riker
  • @leonalchemist2 Oh no, that's a bug. Thought we already fixed that...
    @Enthused_Dragon The next step would be to make a BIN out of COIN and BOX. Thanks for reporting that bug, we'll get that fixed in the next build.
  • This game is unique as hell! The narrative part of it really had me wanting to go further, to the point where I used an online tool to look at words that can be made from BOX and COIN. The answer ended up being BIN. I was disappointed that the game ended so soon though :( . Some criticism and annoyances I had: Clicking words didn't immediately show in my backpack, I had to open the backpack to see. Also, typing the wrong word forced me to restart because I couldn't get the letters back, don't know if I did something wrong. Besides that, this is totally a game I'd play on my phone if it were more fleshed out and had a story tied to it or something. It feels really good finding the right word!
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  • The game is quite unique, I love the crafting spin of creating items through words, and how each letters opacity is lowered as you type them. I however could not get through the box and coin puzzle, it's probably because I missed something, but all in all an amazing game.
    Thanked by 1riker
  • Made it to the end :)
    Very cool concept and the final version looked nice! I enjoy escape rooms and puzzles so this definitely got my attention.

    Since the game is purely text I feel like some nice sound effects and background music would really set the mood and "take me there".

    I'd happily escape another room in future :D will be keeping an eye on this one!
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  • I've been having a lot of fun with this! Really clever concept.

    And everything feels super smooth and clean.

    Still haven't escaped yet though, hopefully, I will soon :)
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  • This is an amazing game idea. Its a really mind bending text based adventure. I look forward to seeing progress of the game in future
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  • We have uploaded a new build to itch last night with fixed hitboxes, less bugs, and a new room uhm farm house. Looking forward to more feedback from y'all. Thanks so much for all your comments!
  • Trying this soon as i get home :D
    Thanked by 1SUGBOERIE
  • That's quite an intense version of this for a full game :P

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