[SA Game Jam] Inheritance

Jam name: Sa Game Jam 2019
Theme: Crafting
Project name; Inheritance
Entry type: Student
48 hour entry
Team: Dylan de kock, Simon Stockley, Hennie Van Heerden
File too big Uploaded to google drive

Thanked by 1absolutwillie


  • I dig the design of your character, even if the axe comes and goes :) Movement is odd though. I sometimes glide around midway through the jump animation, or get stuck in the air. Maybe something is off with your collisions? Kudos for having controller support!
  • While some aspects of the game were a bit rough around the edges (specifically the map), I enjoyed this game :)

    The character and enemies look cool. The power-ups were very cool (I get to use Thor's hammer, yes please!). The inheritance system that changed my name was also quite funny. I couldn't help but feel bad after seeing jnr. jnr. jnr. jnr. jnr.
    I managed to find all 3 powerups and defeat every foe I could find, but got stuck at a pool of lava.

    My character also got stuck on some walls mid-jump and I would love to see more enemies (and get past that lava pool D:).
  • Very janky and some areas seem to be unplayable or unable to exit, I recommend some form of movement item or replace Loki's helm with some way to traverse the map quickly or backtrack to original position.
    Nice aesthetic, very good narrative with the appending of jnr, and design looks good, map should probably be adjusted or some mechanics smoothed out or changed. Otherwise a great concept that can be streamlined and improved, great potential for reskinning into something not so copyrighted.
  • Love the animation on the character and clean art on him, the tiles and map wasnt bad but the main problem was it was very janky with jumping and fighting, sometimes id just get stuck mid air and not able to move. the differant kinds of hammers where very cool and the enemies where interesting as ancient guardians made of stone.
  • Please let me know if you're based in CT, JHB or where?
  • Fengol said:
    Please let me know if you're based in CT, JHB or where?
    They're CT
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