[SA Game Jam 2019] "Green Craft"

(SA Game Jam 2019) - Comic Con Game Jam
Green Craft
54hr enter

Green Craft - A Casual Puzzle platformer in which players control a wizard on his quest to Greenify every realm he comes across

The last file contains our final build. (Green Craft Final Build.zip)

We're a group of 2nd-year Game Design students doing our first Game Jam.

Eric Gardiner (Lead Programmer)
Alex Carvalho (Game Feel)
Zawadi Khoza (Sound Designer)
Hans Chang (Level Design)
Nadine Abrahams (Art)

We're always keen on improving so any comments or criticisms would be greatly appreciated.
Build 3.zip
Green Craft Final Build.zip


  • Quick Screenshot of one of our levels
    Level 5.png
    1920 x 1080 - 430K
  • Interesting game !, things i didnt like was the sound effect "zwoop"< but other wise it was fun and challenging, i had to end up spamming my key board, also include instructions, like im a gamer and i know "W,S,A,D" but other might need the indications to use those keys
  • Status Update
    Updated sounds and user experience
    Build 7.zip
  • My wizard has greenified every realm!
    Very good overall I liked how the menu is also a mini-tutorial.

    My only criticism is that sometimes it felt like I could cheese the puzzle by just spamming two keeps repeatedly until everything turned green (not sure if intentional). I'd obviously also like more levels (which is more of a request than critique) and would definitely play again if more are added :D
    Thanked by 1sasukekunata
  • So I spent some time playing this and it's a really great concept for a puzzle game, reminded me of the puzzles in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire with cracked ice which you couldn't walk over twice without falling through. You had me scratching my head at the last puzzle but then I had to eventually cheese it by going back and forth on specific tiles.

    Like how @GiGGa said, the main menu was a great way to teach the play how to play, I even got stuck due to the tree! I'll be keeping tabs on this page to see when you add more levels :)
    Thanked by 1sasukekunata
  • @Trian @GiGGa Thank you very much for playing our game! we are well aware that it is possible to cheese the game, so we thought about restricting the number of times the player could move for each level (and possibly 4 or 5 extra moves to allow for some backtracking/cheese) but found that the puzzles became too difficult to the everyday playtester. In the spirit of keeping our game casual, quick and fun. The game was left as it is.

    Once again, thanks for playing and we'll hopefully be able to add more levels once our varsity assignments are out the way, glad to hear that the mini-tutorial worked out ^^
    Thanked by 2GiGGa Trian
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