[SA GAME JAM 2019] Living on the Living

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Project Name: Living on the Living
Category: Student, Diversity
Team: Me, myself and I
72 Hour Entry

Download Link:


  • what is this game about?
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    @fcortese I'm not too sure myself exactly xD

    Will know by the end of today.

    I'm trying to build an interactive mini eco-system akin to Breath of the Wild
  • Very keen to see what you manage with the idea. Sounds like it could be awesome!
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    Hey y'all
    Pro tip: Don't study for a maths test and do a game jam solo at the same time :P
    Didn't achieve nearly as much as I wanted but I see this as a total win because now I know how to make a modular inventory and crafting system.

    Friday night went smoothly and everything was on track, then Saturday came with bugs galore in my inventory system, did debugging and eventually had to scrap it and make a new one, I did some fire/forest interaction. After that, University took priority.

    If I do continue working on this I'm looking to add:
    *More recipes
    *Environment interactions
    *Hunger and health system
    *Procedural generation

    W - Up
    S - Down
    A - Left
    D - Right
    E - Inventory
    Esc - Exit

    Here's the download link:

    Crafting recipes:
    2 Sticks -> Campfire
    Stick and Campfire -> Torch
  • I really shouldn't be awake but I'm too interested in the games posted at this point so I'm gonna go ahead and say I probably should've read the crafting recipes before spending 10 minutes or so gathering sticks to try craft 4 campfires and 4 torches together. What I will say though is that the game actually doesn't look or feel bad. I actually get throwbacks to the old NES Legend of Zelda game. I personally have no idea how to do an inventory system but well done on getting it to work.

    If you do start adding the changes you wanted to work on originally, hit me up. I'm keen to see the evolution of this game.
    random things that occur is that when moving left and right, the trees have a weird shimmer effect akin to old tv static so not sure if it was intended but it looks kind of buggy.
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  • yo yo, and GG on the game.
    Clean mechanics and interface, well done chaining sequential actions together.
    I'd add an incentive to the gameplay, though I get it if its a sandbox like experience (Minecraft like).
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  • Hey, I ended up playing this with a friend. He spent a while playing with the brown circle rock? and moving it around. Made it his pet :P.

    Overall it felt really intuitive to grab resources. Crafting was quite intuitive too. We manged to figure out both recipes before rechecking this thread for spoilers.

    I definitely wish there was a way to interact with the environment. We tried a few times to set a forest section on fire, as I imagine that would feel really satisfying :)

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    ashashza said:

    I definitely wish there was a way to interact with the environment. We tried a few times to set a forest section on fire, as I imagine that would feel really satisfying :)

    Awesome! Thanks for playing.
    You can actually set the forest on fire with the torch, stand on the left side of the tree and use the torch (which I completely forgot to say how), Click on the items to select and then press space to use it.

    I've been giving it a bit more thought I think this project has a lot still in store for it, I have some concepts that'll help me improve my craft.
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  • Please let me know if you're based in CT, JHB or where?
  • I must say the game was closing a lot for me and at random times. Otherwise the game was fun. figured out how to use things with the space on my own and fiddled. The crafting I assume was cool but when I pressed E to leave the screen the game kept crashing for me. I was rather limited to running around and I found your barrel and eventually hid it in some trees for my amusement. Thanks for the game bro xD.
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  • Sad to say, I'm the only thing living in my world D:
    As soon as I discovered that I could burn forests I ran around and set everything on fire.
    Also played a bit of soccer with the barrel/boulder near the mountain.

    Everything that's in the game right now works well (mine didn't crash at random times and the E screen worked fine). The drag and drop crafting was nice and easy to understand. Oh! I had infinite campfires (which was fine, I could draw pictures with them). It sounds like you already have a good idea of what to add, so I won't be making any content suggestions, apart from adding sound effects :)

    Looking forward to seeing future updates!
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  • Fengol said:
    Please let me know if you're based in CT, JHB or where?
    Hi @Fengol

    I'm based in CT
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    What you did was really impressive considering you were also studying. Like the others mentioned I was surprised by how much I liked just having to click and click instead of hold and drag fro crafting.

    Me knowing you made this in game maker and looking at that barrel made me wonder which code approach you used to do that ^-^

    I actually liked not having to mine or chop wood, going straight from picking up to crating was quite nice.
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