[SA Game Jam 2019] Jelly Jailbreak

SA Game Jam 2019
Project name: Jelly Jailbreak
Entry Level: student, diversity
48hr entry


  • Fun and interesting. But the jumping needs work, and parts of the puzzles casn be circumvented by exploiting the positioning of jellies.
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  • I had fun with some of the puzzles and liked the idea of combining colours to create other types of blocks. Unfortunately, the jump didn't work about 50% of button presses and i felt that the blue block was a bit useless at times.

    The colour combining system is nifty but I would have preferred colour selection be assigned to keys, perhaps 1,2 and 3 or even I, O and P to make it easier with for ergonomics. Yellow feels much better than the rest of the blocks which is odd considering it is one of the starters. I definitely think you can finish almost the whole game with just yellow.

    Overall, a really fun game and I enjoyed the art a lot. I think that the game has a lot of potential and comes with some very interesting concepts.

    Well done : D
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  • Excellent game! I really like the idea of crafting different kinds of jelly to use as platforms.

    My one critique would be that the differences between the different coloured jellies are sometimes a bit too subtle. Perhaps the blue jelly can be slippery since it is frozen?

    It also feels like the crafting UI can use a little tweaking. I something accidentally created the wrong kind of jelly. Not sure if it should maybe clear the UI after each craft...

    Well done otherwise!
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  • Completely agree with the previous feedback ^

    Took me some time to realise that I had to deselect the RED after using it so that I could place a purely BLUE cube. Once I figured out how to combine and use blocks everything else went well. I like the concept a lot, it has a ton of potential as a puzzle-solving mechanic. I liked the choice of blocks and their abilities too, my jelly had a nice arsenal of puzzle solving tools at its disposal.

    There were two cases where I'm pretty sure I solved the puzzle differently than intended (which is fine). The movement felt good overall but was hindered by the unresponsive jump key. Some slimy sound effects would also improve the game feel a lot. I wanted to hear my cube plop when it landed so badly.

    I enjoyed the game and managed to complete it :)
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    Thank You for the Feed back!

    The jump is fixed now (moved the calling of the method from FixedUpdate to Update, while the actual physics is still in FixedUpdate). The colors reset when you place a block automatically and the top num keys 1,2 and 3 now also allow you to select the colors as well.

    More feed back would be appreciated because we would like to work on this project more later as a sort of pet project. We won't be uploading the update project here since it is not the one we completed within the time frame given.

  • Please let me know if you're based in CT, JHB or where?
  • We are based in Durban
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