[SA Game Jam 2019] Clicker God

Clicker God
-No menu crafting system
Entry Type: Students
3 man team
72 hour jam

Click to make more stars which make bigger stars which make more things.


Final build:


  • I found it quite satisfying merging the stars (or are they planets?) together. I tried creating rival bodies by generating loads of stars on the outer side of the rival body to keep it from floating into the main star to create a massive satisfying explosion. The sound really helped set the mood and make the experience super pleasant. Not quite sure what the intent of the asteroids was though. Anyways, nice idle experience with some thought put into the UX of the game in terms of sound, fx & camera.
  • Loved how the minimalist sounds and art style brought a nice relaxing experience. Reminds me a lot of how INSIDE and Limbo conveyed their atmosphere with only sound, art and the environment, and there was no text, tutorial or instructions at all. Awesome :P

    Only small criticism I got is that I didn't quite know what to do after I had made several stars explode. I assume the game kinda let's you keep going forever? Would've been nice to have some progression after that step, perhaps enough asteroids collide to form a planet?

    Anyways, cool and unique submission!
  • After the giant stars collide and form dust, I hoped to make the asteroids group and form a moon and some combination of stars and moon create a planet with atmosphere. Thanks for the comment @4t0m1c and @Assange
  • Relaxing game. Everything felt very satisfying and the combination effect looked good.
    I would love to have more content and combinations to explore though! Being able to create a universe seems pretty awesome.

    (I did get to the asteroids)
    Would definitely play again if there was a bit more to explore :)
  • satisfying to see all the stars collide. Never did get to the asteroids tho
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    Took me a while to realize that the game had started as I instinctively clicked on the screen as I thought the game was bugged haha. This in turn caused me to create a star, which made me spam click stars until it went nova. I like how after it goes nova new elements expressed by the colourful particles and asteroids were created. Overall a pretty neat concept!
  • Please let me know if you're based in CT, JHB or where?
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    This idea seems really cool to me. Creating things like stars and asteroids and watching them attract and combine could be a really compelling fantasy.

    The gif at the top of the post got me excited and I downloaded this. It's a good hook and worth expanding upon! (though I get the impression the game kind of fell apart when I got to the asteroids)
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