[SA Game Jam 2019] Shack Attack

SA Game Jam 2019
Shack Attack
48hr entry
2 man team(Ember Works team)

A game where multiple kind of natural(?) disasters happens, the player needs to use their safe time between disasters to gather material and upgrade the shack, tools, etc... Still a work in progress idea and how far we'll get we shall see :)


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    Still got a long way to go :x
    We only have a simple acid rain event where you are safe inside your shack as long as it has enough health, both you and the shack looses HP over time. Wood can be picked up and trees can be cut down to repair and upgrade the shack but we haven't done the repair/upgrade code yet. Also want to be able to upgrade your pickaxe so farming better material is easier. Wanted to do meteor showers/tornadoes and such but doubt we'll have the time to get started on that.
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    926 x 521 - 604K
  • Tornadoes and meteors sound awesome, would love to give it a try, but time is short
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    19:28 hand in time. Good lord what a weekend! Good luck to everyone, hope you had fun. Didn't get to do absolutely everything we wanted to but I'm sure that most of us, keen to see what you all made.
    [Note] Last minute things made us forget that the terrain texture wasn't made by us.
    Shack Attack.zip
  • Got both the stone and iron upgrades for my shack. Almost died to acid rain because I was greedy and reaaally wanted that last piece of iron.

    I liked the timed hazard that added a sense of urgency to my search for resources. When I finally found them I was rewarded with a very satisfying sound (or animation, when chopping trees).

    My two main suggestions would be to try get diagonal movement working, only being able to walk horisontally or vertically at a given time made movement feel limited (unless I was doing something wrong?). Also, there were times when I really wanted to rotate the camera and see where I was going, maybe the mouse could control the view?

    I'd love to see the other hazards mentioned, in future!
  • Thanks! We didn't really have the time to make more complex movement but yea it would have been nice :P
    We didn't really have any time to test the difficulty either but glad it worked out for you :) Ideally there would be things attacking the player as well while gathering resources or preview of disasters. Wasn't really sure on the camera use, we thought of trying 1st person as well.
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  • this was fun. its a bit limited in that once youve built everything onto your shack your left with nothing to do with the stones and iron..
    to improve id say make some enemies and weapons to craft aswell as a heal item this will really make it interesting i think.
    other than that its simple clean and easy to play with simple directions so good job id say!..just wish there was more to do.
  • also different strokes i guess but i had no problem wwith the camera or movement if there was enemies this would make for interesting play , being limited can have its benifits.
  • Plan was to have pickaxe upgrades as well and better resources would take longer to mine but ended up with 1hit due to time limit. I like the idea of a top down camera similar to Stardew valley or Survival kids on GB, but it's harder to achieve with 3D and zero time to think about it xD

    You do heal slowly over time in the shack, I find the idea of playing safe gathering resources and the lower your health the safer you should be, if people want to be greedy, then there will be risks ;)
  • Please let me know if you're based in CT, JHB or where?
  • We're in Cape town
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