[SA Game Jam 2019] Cannibal Kitchen

SA Game Jam 2019
72hr Entry

Group consisting of : @MrKlvtch, @Dudewholikespie and @StyloVorn

The world’s meat supply has all but diminished, however, you,
a top-tier gourmet chef seem to have access to the only meat left in the world.
This makes your restaurant a highly sought after and extremely exclusive venue.
So what is your trade secret? You use a few of the customer’s human flesh to create your meals.
A rather simple solution that surprisingly no-one has seemed to think of.

Rules, Controls and Basic Guide:
The aim of the game is to create dishes by following the recipes as they pop up on your HUD.
To do this you need meat, this can be obtained from the people that walk into the bathroom stalls
and placing them in the grinder in the kitchen.
once grinded the parts will automatically be placed in their respective crates and can be fetched from them.
To create a dish you must click on the menu on the right and a plate will be spawned.
Add the correct ingredients to plate and place it on the service table located at the bottom hole in the wall.
WASD: movement.
E: interact with objects (People, plates and meat).
F: retrieve meat from crate.
Left Mouse: click on buttons to spawn plates.
Esc: Close application

Google Drive Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pLFwf95fxi8Vv8wRUgMg6tAL2KKEUqxk


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    Am one of the peeps helping to make gaem
    will be splitting the game reviews between the three of us
  • am also one of the peeps helping to make gaem too
  • just so no one gets confused, this is the grinder that you put people in
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  • Hey guys! Cool, quirky and dark game idea, I love it! It was also great coming in and talking to you guys on Sunday to see your progress during lunch. I also loved how even the women go to use the urinals before you pick em up and toss them to the grinder xD. In terms of criticism, I couldn't quite figure out how to make a burger, I understood that I needed 2 torsos, and I put them on a plate, but I couldn't place the plate on the counter. Also, your pixel art looks blurry, and you can fix this by turning the filtering to "None" in Unity's import settings. My last piece of advice is to add more effects in. For example, make the grinder shake and throw out smoke when grinding someone, and make happy sparks shoot out when you combine things into a recipe, this will all make the game feel more satisfying. Besides that, I loved the idea and humour, loved the music you added (and the idea behind it, just grab a guitar and play!), loved the art, and the programming was solid. Keep it up and keep making games!
  • @Sassages thanks for the feedback! This was our first attempt at making both a 2D and Pixel art game, so we can use any and all criticism.
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  • Interesting concept of a game, the visuals really do work well together with all the blood-splattered icons with the heads legs and dismembered chest pieces (I do like the particle blood splatters in the grinder). Probably aware of this but the hamburger recipe doesn't seem to work on my side. Well Done for the food making system though, keep an eye out on the movement speed as it is a little bit slow to keep up with the number of recipes demanded.

    Overall I'm pretty impressed, keep up the good work.
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    @sasukekunata @Sassages yeah burger recipe is bugged our bad on our side :/
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    Everything looks good visually. No joke like the stuff looks really good. Kind of reminds of the game Kindergarden with the pixel art and the messed up theme.

    The food making seems too work for the most part except for the burger one.
    The catching of people is fun and tickles my sadistic fancy when i grind them and the pixel blood makes it that much more satisfying.
    I would like to see how many of each body part is in a crate at one point but the abundance of people to grind made that not seem so important.
    The orders seemed to be coming in too fast. Maybe you could ease the player in at first then make it go faster as time orders are being fulfilled. Or speed up the player, this has the added benefit of seeming like a really busy restaurant during lunch hour.

    The core game loop is pretty fun so i honestly think you guys have something really good here.
    Nice work.
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  • Cool look, dark twisted concept (I like it).
    Burger making doesn't seem to work, and could use an indicator for amount of body parts in each box.
    But otherwise great job, you guys have really got something good in this
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  • Thank you for the feedback @sasukekunata @pyr0mike and @TrulyInsane! We're aware of the burger bug and I hope it didn't ruin the short gameplay for you. Hopefully by the time we reach Game Jam next year we'll be able to make a more complete experience!
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    The concept and setting certainly bring a fresh (pun intended) perspective to this kind of game. I do however feel that the game could benefit even more from further integrating the cannibal idea, scrambling to cover up crates containing body parts when the health inspector comes walking in or clients sending back food with human hair in it for example. That being said I do understand the time restrictions and I commend you for keeping your focus on the core concept in order to deliver a functional game.

    After reading your instructions and, with a few trial and error attempts, I was quickly cooking up some delicious dishes. Unfortunately, the hamburger recipe wasn't working and no customers seemed to have a taste for steak so I was left serving only spaghetti. The gameplay is functional for the most part and grabbing the clients from the restrooms in between collecting ingredients for my infamous spaghetti was my favourite part. It would have been nice to have more incentive to fulfil orders, clients walking out after some time, for example. Not directly being able to see my carefully constructed dishes being delivered to the customers felt a bit underwhelming. Also, the orders disappear after more than 10 orders had been placed. No big deal really, I only keep sending out spaghetti, but this might be a bit confusing to less experienced chefs than myself.

    There are a few minor issues with the art but I don't want to nitpick though, the fact of the matter is that in a cannibal kitchen there is always something interesting to look at. I especially liked the censorship cube at the urinals and the blood splatters when blending was so satisfying. The way the chef effortlessly grabs unsuspecting clients onto his shoulders or, even better, sometimes with his face is just badass as well.

    I had a lot of fun, maybe too much so, as I am left wondering what the enjoyment of this game is really saying about myself.

    Review by Aletius Botha, BioCraft team.
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  • An awesome, though perhaps a bit disturbing, concept with a cool art style.

    This game has heaps of small details that made me smile. The falling body parts on the title menu, the blood-spatter when grinding up one of your victims... the addition of the censored black cube in front of anyone using the urinal was also a nice touch.

    I think most things have been mentioned in previous comments already, but I hope you guys refine this idea some more. Would be cool to play a couch co-op version on the Nintendo Switch. I can stalk the customers in the restrooms while my a friend cooks up some delicious dishes.

    PS. I might be avoiding restaurants for while.
  • I have looked into the burger problem and I think i have made a fix, however it is a post game jam fix.... if you would still like to play the game here is a new link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1el6O_XG9j__vROlDf4RlcwiuduRY0n1z

    There may still be some more bugs in the game and they're probably 100% my fault (I have done the bulk of the programming) so i do apologize if you encounter any more bugs
  • I also would like to apologize for the late fix as well
  • Honestly I really liked the concept. Maybe because I enjoy dark games.

    Initially I had some issues with the input where the keys would not perform any actions. After restarting the game everything began to work.

    I loved the pixel art style you used and the fact that customers came in and you could kill them. I would like a more feedback when it comes to killing the customers. I know it's a bit much but for me if the game is about cannibalism I want to feel that gruesomeness that comes with it. Also because I found the game becoming a bit monotonous, so new interesting ways to kill, would really change the game's dynamic and add more juice. The HUD design and overall presentation was very well done and I enjoyed the look and feel of it.

    I would like to see more of this game haha not cause I'm weird or anything, I just loved the concept...
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  • I jumped in to this before reading the rules and controls, so it took me a while to figure out what was cooking. I tried to use the stove a few times.

    One I threw my first person into the grinder, the darkness of the game world definitely descended on me. I'm feeding my customers to my customers... grim!

    It seems like the pace of orders never really increased, and eventually I stopped receiving new orders. So the difficulty never ramped up, which I feel would have made things more exciting.

    Overall, I love the details in this game, like the parts dropping on the main menu and the censor square while people are in the restroom. Really nice touches.
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  • I'm embarrassed to admit that my first attempt was a complete failure, as I didn't read the clear instructions. I didn't realise that I had to put people in a grinder. I don't know why it wasn't obvious. I mean, what else do people do in kitchens?

    There were quite a few things in this game that made me smile. The characters' pixel art was a bit cuter which contrasted the very detailed (and cool-looking) body parts, which I liked a lot. Everything looked so innocent at first...

    Some of the pixel art was a bit blurry (somebody did suggest a fix? I know GameMaker does the same and can be solved by unticking one box), the game had some bugs BUT I enjoyed it xD The game had a lot of personality and reminded me that I was playing a game made by other people. It looks like it was a lot of fun to make and that made me enjoy it more.

    Some (hopefully) helpful criticism:
    - I think I have the version with fixed burgers, but my customers only order spaghetti (maybe the spaghetti is just reaaally good).
    - My server stopped taking my completed plates after the first one (worked in the previous version) and my plates didn't always show up when I put them down on the serving area.
    - Sound effects would take the weird and dark theme to the next level. Imagine having that grinder sound with some screen shake, yikes!

    If I ever have to explain what a game-jam is to anyone, I'm showing them this game. It's rough around the edges, interesting and looks like the developers had a lot of fun. Even the menu had me smiling :)
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  • I played the updated version but only got spaghetti orders.

    - I struggled a bit in the beginning with knowing what to do and how to do it and wouldn't have known to put people in the grinder if others here hadn't mentioned it.
    - There were a lot of bugs - objects not going on to plates; plates seemingly multiplying; a plate that disappeared when I got close to the serving hatch and tried to deliver it; no orders for a while during one game at the beginning - I had to wait around because there was nothing to make; I've also had the orders just stop coming too.
    - I agree with the difficulty not changing and how that could add excitement to the game if it did.
    - Good job on designing diverse characters. I really like the pixel art of the character designs and the grinder too.
    - Your bathrooms need some hand basins.

    Although it's really buggy there's a lot of potential here and I hope you'll keep working on it.
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  • Please let me know if you're based in CT, JHB or where?
  • we're based in durban
  • We actually did plan more for this game, such as having a "suspicion meter" which would fill up as you kill too many people and then it would be game over and increasing the speed of orders overtime. @MrKlvtch also made a set of sound effects but we ran out of time to add them in. Overall it was a bigger task than we expected but we are happy with the results and the feedback you guys gave. @MrKlvtch does want to work on the game in the future and it would be cool if he does

    thank you guys for trying out our game :)
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  • Hi @Fengol . We're based in Durban
  • I can definitely see where this is going (hello Overcooked :P). I am personally a huge fan of Overcooked and the feeling of a rushed kitchen in a game is always hilarious. I do feel this is somewhat lacking though. My burger plates seemed to either break or not work (or I wasn't exactly doing it right), and the recipes could have been slightly clearer. I think just adding some text to the recipe list on the left would make it a lot clearer that that is what I should be going for. I also wasn't entirely sure if the plates created with the buttons on the right could be used for any recipe or had to be used for that specific one? If it is for a specific one, it becomes difficult to keep track of which plate is for which thing, especially after I accidentally pick the plate up.

    I think the heart of the concept is definitely there though. The music is nice and calming (a good way to counteract the panic of having to rush through recipes) and the tone of the game was great. The humour is present and I especially had quite a laugh when I realised the people using the bathroom need to go in the grinder. A sprint key here would not go amiss though, since they often escaped me because I was busy combining recipes.

    All in all, I really liked the idea, and I can see how given more time it could be a lot of fun :)
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