Masidlale X Fak' ugesi Arcade Box Pitch-a-thon

‘Masidlale X Fak’ugesi’ is a new travelling showcasing platform designed to tour Southern African and regionally made indie games to new audiences in South African and the region (Zimbabwe and Mozambique in 2019)

Masidlale have collaborated with Fak’ugesi Festival to build a series of easy flat-pack arcade boxes that will act as a travelling platform for locally made games. During the Fak’ugesi Festival, Masidlale will be hosting a pitch-a-thon for game developers in Johannesburg and at the Festival.

During this event, the developers can present their games to Masidlale and Fak’ugesi Arcade. Games will be selected to be showcased on two coming up events in Harare and Maputo. The Masidlale Fak’ugesi arcade boxes with an initial selection will also be presented at Fak’ugesi Arcade Exhibition during the Fak’ugesi Festival.

Masidlale is a gaming space, accessible to young people between the ages of 6-24 currently in the area of Diepkloof, Soweto. The aim of the space is to bring together people who may not have access to owning a gaming console to come to a space where they can play with others.

For more information about this unique opportunity follow this link.

For ticket information to the festival follow this link.

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