[Event] SFA "Super Glitch Jam" - 3 Aug 2019

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Super Friendship Arcade is back!

Join us for the first SFA jam of 2019! We'll be building new games, controllers and DIY decor for our upcoming pop up at Glitch Party IV and our arcade at Playtopia 2019! Last year we built the most fun corner of SA's most radical indie games festival, and this year we're out to create even more multiplayer magic to bring Playtopians together!

This event is open to everyone - you don't need any past experience in making games! SFA is dedicated to growing Cape Town's community of game makers and players. If your curious about making games or custom controllers, this is an ideal place to start! Experienced Superfriends will be around, and stoked to help you out!

Time and Place:

The Free Lives Compound - 10 Willow Road, Airlie, Cape Town
Saturday 3 August - 11AM-8PM

What to bring:
Yourself! Bonus points for bringing a packed lunch or lunch money!

Game-Jammers: Whether you want to code a game, or make art and music, a laptop computer is a good idea! Prepare for the jam by making sure you've got the right software to do the job!

Hardware-jammers: We'll have some SFA components for you to work with, but if you have access to any electronics that you'd like to play with, bring them along too! General electronic tools like soldering irons are also a good idea, but not essential!

Be excellent to each other!

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