Good, VR capable laptop?

Hey guys

I'm on the fence about leveling up my hardware to do VR development (lol yes behind the hardware curve), does anyone have any insight on which laptop has good value/price ratio for this, and where best to get one around here... Or from outside the country, or wherever?


  • We have had reasonable results with the Dell Inspiron with 512gb M.2 drive, and a 1050TI.

    It works OK, but the graphics card is at the bottom of the rung with regards to VR capability, but is probably your cheapest option if you shop around.


    If your budget allows for more I'd def. get a better graphics card though, 1060 atleast.
  • I'm running a Lenovo P51 with an Intel i7 7829HQ @ 2.90Ghz, 32GB memory which has an Nvidia Quadro M2200 and I play VR games on it just fine.
  • I've had a pretty decent experience with my Acer Predator Helios 300.
    Not great, the 1050 in that is a little underpowered, but it's workable for dev. (That and I picked one up this side of the world for just under €1000 / R15600 at the time).
  • What's your budget? :P
  • What's your budget? :P
    x = value * performance

    Where x is at maximum :p I really don't know for sure, so this is very exploratory :p
  • @Tuism someone suggested Wootware's WootBook to me a while back. link

    Price wise they seem super competitive. I've got no idea if they're well built or what support is like but thought I'd mention in case, like me, you hadn't heard of them before.
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