Fak' ugesi Arcade Open Call for Games

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An open call for submissions to the Fak’ugesi Arcade Exhibition during Fak’ugesi Festival 2019. This exhibition will be open to the public during the festival and will showcase the work of game developers who are inspired by and working from the Global South, with a focus on Africa.

Fak’ugesi Arcade aims to promote and sustain the game development industry and we are excited to show off unique, creative and experimental work alongside a larger program of gaming and cross-sector work in digital creativity. Applicants are invited to additionally suggest talks and workshops they would like to offer in the Fak’ugesi Arcade program.

Fak’ugesi Arcade is calling on all game developers, of all levels, to submit their newest work for display at this year’s festival.

Submission Deadline: 10th August 2019

Exhibition Dates: 3rd September – 6th September 2019

Submit your work here: https://forms.gle/y3sKEdjU9CCFZcMJ8

Further information can be found here or you are welcome to contact me.


  • Since the closing date is near, can we submit prototypes or demos? Also can we submit more than one game?
  • @SkinnyBoy I'm not involved, but knowing what they're looking for I would say prototypes and demos are good! So are multiple game submissions!
  • My general strategy for submitting games to festivals, awards and things: if they don't specify and it doesn't cost money, then just submit! Read the instructions and feel free to ask questions, but it's IMHO it's up to the organisers to be specific if they want to narrow down the submissions they receive. If they don't want your game they can just reject it, and maybe next time they'll be more specific so they don't get overwhelmed with submissions ;)
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    @VQZX if we submit now and have an update closer to the time can we re submit or?
  • also in which city is the Exhibition ?
  • It's really hard to deliver on time especially if you are trying to deliver good quality, especially on african content that is almost non existent. So deadline has crashed us. Congratulations to those who submitted
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