Local Printer or International Printer...

I have a board game, the rules are solid, the play testing has been extensive and the design is finished ... now I want to get it printed.

This is the dilemma ... no local printers here in Durban can help me ... the international printer has a minimum order size of 1000 units. So this is where I turn to the voice of reason here.

Any suggestions?
Contacts you can put me in touch with?
Help in any way?


  • Are you confident in selling the units you want to print? What's your plan?

    Print numbers is a function of price vs cost. If you print a few units only it's never going to be viable at any retail price. I haven't really heard of anyone printing locally, most people who've run kickstarters seem to print overseas.

    Rob van Zyl (Cape Town) got Ancient Terrible Things printed and sold, look him up. I'm not sure I know of anyone else who has successfully published something from SA.
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  • Thanks @Tuism for your insight ... it is always good to get an outside opinion.

    I am not confident in selling the units and will therefore focus my efforts elsewhere and continue to make the game available on The Game Crafter. I will look at reducing the price as best as I can.

    Thanks again.
  • Well that's why people run marketing and such campaigns. Kickstarter's primary function isn't really to actually "fund a dream", but to make sure that there are enough people who commit to a project before sinking money into it. We don't have direct access to kickstarter in SA but we can do sort of the same by marketing and collecting actual committed interest via other channels, events, email, bgg forums, etc. I'm no expert and have no firsthand experience but that's the principle anyway... Good luck :)
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