[Game Jam] Game Jam+ 2019 - Durban - 2-4 August 2019

The game developing world cup. 48h game jam.

Dates: August 2 - 4, 2019
Starts at: 13:00 on Friday, 2nd August.
Ends at: 17:00 on Sunday, 4th August.
Complete schedule to follow.
Venue: Africa School of Technology, 270 Mathews Meyiwa Road, Morningside, Durban

Currently running game dev/design workshops, follow Learn WebAnim on Facebook for more details.

Register: https://www.facebook.com/events/372125930099466/?ti=cl
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    Game Jam+ 2019 will begin - The game developing world cup!


    With 34 jam sites participating in 8 countries and 4 continents the 3rd edition of the world's biggest competitive-location based game jam is coming to shake things up in the indie game developing industry!

    Is your body ready?

    The FIRST STAGE will happen between August 2nd and August 4th. Just like the game jams you know, jammers will have 48 hours to design and develop a game FROM SCRATCH! At the end of it, jammers will have to pitch their projects to a group of judges - just like they would for a publisher or investor! From there we, GJ+ 2019, will select the winning team from our first batch of finalists.

    Yes you heard it right, first batch. The other teams that didn't quite manage to secure their spot as finalists with the judge's choice will have a second chance through the ONLINE POPULAR VOTE. The vote period will last for a whole month after the jam, and then we'll select one extra team per jam site. Now to the next level!

    The SECOND STAGE is the moment where all the finalists from each jam site will learn from seasoned developers - of many different backgrounds and areas - how to better and improve their projects, through online workshops and personal mentoring!

    And those that didn't manage to be selected as finalists? Don't worry about a thing, all jammers will have free access to some of the workshops as well!

    In November, we'll have the FINALE in Rio de Janeiro, where we'll bring all the finalists and organizers together and host an amazing festival, with awards and activities involving many categories!

    So what are you waiting for? Bring your friends and start a new Game Jam+! BE OUR +1!

    Register on Eventbrite to participate here: https://www.eventbrite.com.br/e/game-jam-2019-durban-registration-62917352495
    Facebook Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/372125930099466/
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  • Anyone interested in participating in this weekend's Game Jam, you may sign up on Eventbrite here or here.
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