Traveller - My entry for the got game contest.

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Hey guys, this is what i've been working on the past 3 weeks.

I'm not the most visual person and I can't draw to save my life but oddly enough 3d modeling and vector art and animation have always interested me.
So I figured I'd take a whirl at doing the art for my game, I'm pretty proud of the look I achieved, not sure if it's deserved or if I'm acting like one of those obsessive parents that show off their childrens macaroni art as if it's a Rembrandt.
I don't know if you can see by looking at it but every pixel was lovingly caressed by my digital brush. :P

After going on an old school platformer binge, megaman X, castlevania, metroid, golden axe, rayman, super mario bros 3, crash bandicoot the list goes on...

I decided I wanted to make a super realistic golf simulator, jokes, I wanted to make something in between golden axe or streets of rage and megaman.

Please check it out, rate it and tell me what you think.



  • Played through until I got the map. Really nice work there, the game felt pretty good to play, the controls were pretty tight after I got used to the speed of the game - but please change the keys so that they're easier to use! Space and shift are always so far apart on keyboards, then X and D as well? Argh. Also, I couldn't see why I had to keep taking my guns out - if I have them, is there any reason NOT to have them out at the moment, like no guns = double jump enabled?

    The enemies felt a little confusing, but I didn't die to them too often (barring that sandworm thing) I realy wasn't sure when I was damaging the worm or not. Your other enemies have hit reaction splats going on, I think the worm or the rock dude could just be a little more obvious that they're immune. Also, any chance of making the worm's exit point appear a little before the worm itself does? That would help players dodge it rather than just run madly while taking damage ;)
  • With regards to the controls as @dislekcia mentioned, I didn't really have much issue with space/shift myself and I'd agree that using X and D wouldn't have me jumping with joy, although you only ever need to press X once (unless I kept pressing it and I don't remember :O) so there isn't that much point in it.

    I really liked the general aesthetic of the game, thought the music fit in particularly well with the whole "lone traveller in the desert" kinda thing.

    Is the bug meant to die when you jump on it? Because that was the idea that I got at the beginning, but then later I was surprised when I jumped on a bug and a couple seconds later it got back up and continued shooting at me!
  • I think that was a special circumstance done like that to mess with you.
  • I gave it a play too, and gameplay-wise, agree largely with the other comments. I think it would definitely be a good idea to get rid of X and just have the guns drawn. I'm also not sure about the sprinting, I'm inclined to suggest just upping the movement speed and doing away with sprinting.

    I really like that each monster requires a different tactic to take it down, although as @dislekcia said they do need some kind of reaction/feedback to show how they're getting wounded, or if they're immune. The gliding and jumping also feels good to play with.

    I like the visuals, but my only gripe is that font! It's thematically relevant, but a little jarring ;P The spinning/moving interface elements at the top can also be a little distracting, and could be made a bit smaller. Otherwise, the characters look really cool, and I like the animation. I would definitely stick with the quite bright colours, as opposed to the desaturated look everyone goes for in a desert setting. I'm thinking with your character design, this could really carry a fantastic and bizarre aesthetic. Like Abe's Oddysee in the desert.

    Nice work, I'd be keen to see more!
  • Thanks for the comments, lots of the glaringly obvious mistakes i just did not have the time to fix, missing on hit animations, particle effects, missing sound fx.
    I submitted it 10 mins before the deadline :0.
    Yeah the tool tips are ugly as sin, I made them last, after 36 hours of no sleep.
    Looking at the grammar and punctuation now is a little embarrassing.

    What keys would you guys prefer?

    Next build I will make on hit particle effects for all the monsters and the player
    I will fix it so that you stop putting your guns away between maps
    I'll add custom keys and xbox controller support.
    Smarter Monster AI.
    Boss Fight!

    The idea behind the run and walk, guns and no guns was you'd run out of ammo at certain points and you'd have to use environmental things to kill Monsters, and at some parts you would have to do jumping puzzles that require you to stop running for certain bits, rayman origins style.
    i just never got round to it, building the engine and making it look pretty really didn't leave me much time for game play.

    The whole game as completed now is just tutorial level really.

    Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming.
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