Game programmer: Master's or PhD degree finding

Stellenbosch University, the University of Johannesburg and the Cape Peninsula University
of Technology have launched a collaborative project that uses electronic games to
reconnect the oral history of communities with their youths. We are looking for engaged
individuals to support the project and invite applications for the bursaries.

Description of project
All over the world, ancient stories are not told anymore, as they lose meaning for younger
generations who feel more appealed by digital forms of communication. In an increasingly
globalising world, however, such connecting points to the collective memory are vital to
allow for the development of a personal identity. This project aims at collecting stories from
diverse communities, mostly related to everyday experiences, and to convert these stories
into electronic games to make them accessible to youths from these communities who
might have lost access to this knowledge otherwise. The tangible outcome of this project –
the production and distribution of digital content in the form of electronic games –
reconnects our youths with their cultural identity.
Funding available
The project is funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF) as a collaborative project
between Stellenbosch University, the University of Johannesburg and the Cape Peninsula
University of Technology. Funding has been earmarked to support postgraduate students
working on the project.
What we are looking for
We are looking for individuals who would like to actively participate in the project over the
next two/three years. Applicants should make clear why this topic is of interest and
preferably show previous experience in working with oral history/collective memory and/or
electronic games.
Minimum requirements
 A suitable undergraduate degree (at NQF Level 8, if applying for a master’s position)
OR a suitable postgraduate (master’s) degree (if applying for a doctoral position). If
you have obtained your qualification at an international institution, you will need to
provide a SAQA certificate that states the South African NQF level equivalent.
 A South African citizen or holder of a permanent resident certificate. The
postdoctoral bursary is also open for international students.
Please submit the following documents:
 A copy of your ID or passport
 Your CV
 A copy of either your undergraduate honours degree (if applying for a master’s
position) OR a copy of your postgraduate master’s degree (if applying for a doctoral
position) – if obtained from an international institution, please include your SAQA
certificate for the qualification being submitted.
Please send all relevant documentation to before Wednesday 27
March 2019.


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    (This is a repost of this thread. It doesn't actually seem to require programming experience.)
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    Thank you Elyaradine. The position was filled, but the selected candidate changed their mind, and therefore this is now available again. Due to the cancellation a limited time (less than a week) is available to find a replacement.
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