Into Outer Bass - a beat-based, space-arcade (beta)

Hey everyone.

I've just released the open beta of Into Outer Bass on

It's a fun, casual, rhythm game and I'm looking for feedback on everything from the gameplay to the art-style. I'm also interested in any advice on getting the attention of mobile publishers, and whether it's worth it.

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  • Got some space watermelons!

    Screenshot 2019-02-13 at 18.46.35.png
    630 x 1354 - 178K
  • Here's a bit of gameplay :)
    364 x 649 - 4M
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    @Herman wassup! Been jamming your game a bit. I'm a fan of music based twitch games so this is cool!

    What I like:
    - I think the graphics are quite lekker, the pixel art is consistent and pretty funky.
    - Animations are great and I like that everything moves with the music. This helped to get into the flow.
    - I also dig your intro animations for your company name and the logo.
    - The loading texts are unique and game themed which is cool.

    Some criticism:
    - I thought you had to collect the objects on the sides of the screen like they were pick ups for bonus score, lol.
    * Maybe an in play tutorial in the beginning explaining things would help. Just before you are about to hit the first
    object you prompt the player to tap the side of the screen they need to move to.

    - In the loading screen on my phone I can see a line of the sprite for the earphones on each side being repeated.
    * Setting wrap mode in the image settings should fix this I believe.

    - In the menu when I search for songs the drop down list can be seen underneath the menu. Not sure if this was intentional.
    * You could fix this by perhaps making the menu a bit bigger so you can see more than one tape in your window and adding a mask.

    Regarding your search for publishers:
    - Are you guys not keen on self publishing into the Google and Apple stores? Maybe charging users like $1 or adding AD's into the game?
    - I think publishers can aid with getting the game out there with advertising but in my opinion you'd have to work out a deal where they get a profit share and not a control of the IP itself.

    Hope this helps!
  • @ DavidKnightRedDawn thanks for the feedback! It's super constructive :)

    w/r publishers, I do feel that I'm going to be self-publishing in the end. It's just that publishers tend to have a pretty large following, whereas I have a fairly limited reach in my personal capacity. I'm doing updates on my itch page, and will keep a running devlog there, and when it gets closer to completion, I may reach out to some publishers, or just publish myself :)
  • Loving it dude! Thanks for using Emerji characters in it! :)
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  • Quality stuff my dude!
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